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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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2 Weeks Later

I've never been the dressy type but the rate at which I started wearing things I didn't wear in the past was alarming, courtesy of my best friend Avery. Somehow along the line (after my cast was removed), I had become his pet project. I'd dress up and come out and he'd cluck his tongue like a chicken after assessing my outfit before saying "I cant believe this. Hopeless. Hopeless. Hopeless."

At one point, I had decided to wear what I had worn to that date with Jason in the past and he had literally looked into the sky, pulled his hair —which must have been very painful— and screamed before he then said, like a mother giving up on her child "Have I not tried Nica? Have I not tried to pound all about dressing into your head? You know I have, and I'm not giving up, no matter what."

I knew the reason for his intense dress up sessions. Ever since almighty Keith had declared that I was now worth his time, Avery had chanted Don't give in so easily. Make him beg for it, show him what he's missing, Like a mantra.

While he was brushing my hair, I had asked the question of the year, which had resulted in a legendary eye roll. "Why exactly are we doing this Ave?"

"Because you need to show him want he's missing. You need to make him say I could have been tapping that if I hadn't messed up."

"He already tapped it." I muttered under my breath.

"A drunken moment doesn't count."

"Why are you putting me through all this stress Ave? I thought you like him. I can help you woo him if it will save me from shopping with you all the time."

"Because Sherlock, he likes pussy. And last time I checked, I ain't got one."

"I could give you mine. They did say pussy is pussy everywhere you go." I said in a hopeful voice that made him laugh and kiss my forehead.

"You are cute Nica. But I don't want your man. What I want to do is help you get yours to show he's worth your time, and I know that's what you want isn't it?" I nodded and he continued.

"Nothing good comes easy sweetheart. You have to work for it. This is someone that has acted like you didn't exist for 3 years. You have to show him he's not the boss of you. Which reminds me you have to stop cleaning up after him."

"What? Of course not. He's my husband. If I don't do it who will?" I asked in exasperation.

"You hop when he tells you to and stop when he tells you to. You cook every time because he doesn't like his food refrigerated. He loves it fresh. You dress his bed for him every time. If the ingredients for his beloved fruit juice isn't complete you almost have a fit. If his shirt isn't properly ironed he says it and you immediately do it. If I didn't know you better I'd say you are a masochistic and you derive pleasure from doing all that slavery."

"Am I not supposed to do all that?"

"Yes, you are. But the way you go about it is extreme. It's been pretty much established that he used to do all that just to be mean. But you need to cut it down. You told me he has been doing stuff for himself as of recent. That's good. Think about it this way. Once you start practicing your profession, you won't leave in the middle of surgery just because you have to go and cook for your husband who likes his food fresh or go grocery shopping to get the things he likes in his juice. He's not a baby that nee

own left hand that was missing it's own band. I hadn't worn my wedding ring since the day I took it off on my way to that birthday dinner with Avery 3 months ago.

I nodded. "Okay...but I'm still not having sex with you anytime soon."

"No problem. I'm willing to wait till then...doesn't mean I won't touch you though. My hands have a mind of their own." He said and that made me chuckle a little. I could work with that.

After dinner, we took a walk down the beach since it wasn't far from the restaurant we went to. We found a spot and sat down to watch the waves.

"So what will you say your greatest flaw is?" He asked and I bit my lip as I thought about it.

"Submissive to a fault. After years of seeking attention and wanting people to like me, I kind of started doing anything anyone wants me to do just to be on their good side."

"Well, I did notice that."

"But deep down, I have this daring side of me that always battles with my submissive side. I think that's really who I am, the type that wants to speak for herself and say no if I don't like something. That side of me feels like bitch slapping me every single time I give in to my submissive side which was born out of years of feeling insecure and inferior."

"I do like that side of you. I've encountered her a couple of times. Being that submissive is a weakness that can always be exploited. I don't like women that submit like that. The only time I want women to submit to me is in bed when we are roleplaying."

If I had been light skinned, I would have blushed at his last statement because for some reason, I imagined us doing what he just said. I then moved the topic back to him by asking him the same question to which his reply kind of chilled me to the bones.

"I don't forgive easily."

We went back and forth with questions until I yawned, indicating how tired I was and it brought an end to the evening.

When I slipped into my bed that night, I really thought about how the night had been and decided that it had been more fun than I had imagined it to ever be.

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