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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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Oh no. This is not good. I thought as I looked at my husband, sitting and nursing a glass of Bourbon.

I had to force myself to swallow the pizza I had already chewed. My palms were clammy from fright because let's face it. I was scared of Keith. Keith gave off this..this..aura that made people scared of him. The only one that wasn't scared of him was his mother and Leo, and maybe some of his other friends. No matter how nice he was being as of recent, I still couldn't get past that fact.

I, on the other hand, have never been one to stand up for myself, I have always been submissive for as far back as I could remember and it was probably to get people to like me. So it was only natural that I was scared of him.

"Good evening. When did you come in?" I said with a nervous smile.

How much had he seen? I really hope he hadn't seen me with Jason. Even if he had seen me come in with him, let it be he didn't see us kissing. God let it be that he saw us drive in and then went back to his drink...but why is he drinking in the dark?

"Past 6pm this evening.". Great. The one time I decide to go out with a guy, he decides to come in early.

" I'm sorry. I didn't know you were coming back today. I would have made something for you to eat earlier. I'll go whip something up."

"It's okay. Don't bother. Mother already brought something for me."

Shit! Shit!! Shit!!! His mother? That means she knew I went out too. That judgmental woman will not let it rest and will conclude I went out with a man...which I did but still...

"Do have a good night Maya." He said as he stood up. He was calm, too calm.

"Good night Kei..." I was cut off when I caught his eyes and the storm brewing in his eyes. He was angry. No. Scratch that. He was mad, red eyes mad.

When he left, I looked around my temporary haven and signed sadly. "Good bye paradise." I whispered as I dropped my pizza box on the table started clearing my movies away. Soon, everything was in order and just before I could pick up my pizza, my eyes caught the Bourbon bottle he left on the table and I sighed as I returned it back to the bar. Just before placing it inside, I was overwhelmed with this curiosity to know how it tastes. I had never tasted anything alcoholic, not even a red wine, talk more of whiskey.

I shrugged and gave in to that daring side if me that wanted to know how it tastes. Taking a mouthful of it at once, my face scrunched up immediately it touched my tongue and I wanted to spit of out but I didn't want to waste it, so I just swallowed it. I couldn't possibly pour back the little left, so I forced myself to finish it. I felt warm

d over again that it didn't matter, but then he cupped my face and kissed me. I could perceive the liquor on his breath and I closed my eyes in pain.

Another drunken moment. Is he ever going to want me when he is sober? What am I? Some drunk fuck for moments when he can't get a lay?

"I don't want to share you with anybody." He said between kisses as he led me to my bed. It was when my back met the bed and I felt his hand try to loosen the belt of my robe a voice whispered You are making this too easy. Why do you always do this Maya? This is why people walk all over you. You make yourself too easy.

"Stop it Keith. I don't want to do this." I said softly and he did. As he hovered over me, I could feel his hard length pressing against my stomach. He let out a breath as his forehead met mine. Apart from the first time we had sex, Keith and I had never been this close, ever. So for Keith to be this close to me with an erection was shocking.

He then stood up and cleared his throat as I sat up and fixed my robe.

"I'm sorry." He said as he cleared his throat again. I frowned.

"I shouldn't have done that... But I meant it when I said you belong to me Maya. I want you and I'm not willing to share you with anybody. I have been trying to show you that I want you but apparently it hasn't been enough. So I'll try harder. But do know that I always get what I want."

I stared at him in shock and couldn't move, not even when he bent to place a kiss on my lips. Smiling, he said good night and closed the door behind him. Only one thought came to my mind.

What the fuck just happened?

Sorry I couldn't update according to my schedule. I've been in a place with serious blackout issues. Was it good or bad?

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