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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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When I walked into the house two days later looking as frustrated as I felt that I had, for the first time in my life, gotten a lower than average score in a test, I saw my dearest mother-in-law who for the record didn't like me. My level of frustration automatically hit the roof.

I was totally not in the mood for a snobby snippy mother in-law who rivaled her son in the act of snobbery.

At 50, Mrs Amanda James was still beautiful, which wasn't strange because the fruit never falls far from the tree. Beautiful woman + A husband I have never met who is probably beautiful = the sex god I called my husband.

Slim, tall, blond with flawless make-up, it was understandable why she looked at me with distaste each time she saw me. I was everything she wasn't and I was definitely not good enough for her golden child. She only put up with the arranged marriage thing because it had to do with business.

"Good evening Ma." I said with a tired polite smile on my face.

"Hmm. Danica." She replied with a stiff nod before turning to continue speaking to Keith. I heard words like stock and profit and loss and stuff like that fall off their mouths as they talked about whatever business gibberish they were talking about.

I just went to the kitchen to get something cold to drink and when I opened the fridge, I smiled as I looked at the sexy looking bottle of Coca-Cola in the fridge. It wasn't mine but I vowed to replace it before Keith found out I took his Cola. Keith was nicer to me but I didn't want to imagine what he'd be like when he found out that I overstepped my boundaries.

I was too thirsty to realise that I drank half of the content in one go..and that I wasn't alone in the kitchen. There she stood, watching me with judgmental eyes.

"At least now I know why you wouldn't lose weight. By the time you finish packing so much sugar into your system without proper exercise...I'd rather not complete that statement as it leaves a rather horrible mental image in my head. It is quite unfortunate that Keith has insisted on bringing you to my birthday dinner. The least you can do to not embarrass me and my son and your father is to not eat like that."

And with that, she ran her finger across the counter and looked at it as if expecting two years worth of dust on it but when she didn't see anyth

at he said.

"Thank you. And you are a total knockout too."

I almost burst open in embarrassment. I had said that out loud. And did he just call me hot?

Damn. I felt like a teenage girl who was being asked out for the first time in her life; only I wasn't a teenager and he wasn't asking me out.

"Want to go out to lunch once your leg is nicely healed up?" He asked with a smirk that sped up my heartbeat qand in as much as my heartbeat quickened, I shook my head.

Licking my suddenly dry lips, I replied "I..I'm err...m..married."

He gave me a full blown smile and my heart dropped into my stomach. He was beautiful.

"I know. Doesn't matter. Marriage has never really stopped anyone has it?" He said and I thought about it. I wanted nothing more than to accept but a) I was a married woman who really took her vows seriously b) what could a beautiful specimen like him possibly want with me?

When he finished up with whatever it was he was doing to my leg, he pulled off his gloves and right there in my presence, he snatched up my phone which was beside me and typed in something and then gave it back to me.

"Now I have your number. I'll call you later beautiful." He said with a wink as he walked out. At that moment, I realised three things.

A) That was just rude and disrespectful.

B) A guy just acted like he was interested in me.

C) A guy just showed interest in me and took my number

So sorry for the late update. I'll try to put up the next chapter as soon as I can.

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