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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Updated: 2018-03-12 19:30

I stared at it as hard as it stared at me. Oh I knew what was going on in his mind and I was not going to give in. He had taken this strange liking towards me and I wasn't really comfortable with it.

My eyeballs dried out at once and twitched but I was not going to lose this staring contest. Not me. He cocked his head to the side and when I saw the cute eyes, I began in a firm tone "No. I am not letting you get on me."

My firm tone apparently did nothing as the darned cat ignored my words and walked towards me. Then I blinked. I groaned. I just lost a staring contest with a cat. He climbed into my laps and curled up, obviously expecting me to stroke his fur or pet him behind the ears (whichever made him happy) which I sighed before doing.

I didn't like cats, but it seemed I was beginning to accept a lot of things I didn't like before. Like thick black women. Like my wife. Like her pet cats that can't stay away from me. When did my life become so complicated? So complicated that I couldn't find it it in me to fuck other women or stop thinking about that one and only night? When had it become so bad that to cum nowadays, i had to jerk off constantly to the thoughts of my wife who probably wanted nothing to do with me?

I groaned as I looked up when I heard her laugh upstairs. Her boyfriend or whoever he was had come over and they had disappeared into her room as she pulled him along obviously excited about something.

I wonder what they are talking about.

I listened to the cat as it purred to its content and for a second wished we could trade places. At least I wouldn't be as stressed as I was at the moment. i would just be a lazy cat. Just then, I heard the guy's deep laughter as they came downstairs and pretended to be so intrigued with whatever it was I was doing on my laptop.

I heard her walk into the kitchen and soon she was back and gave him the cake he had requested. I felt like I was going

ne anything to make you comfortable around me but do relax. You are safe I promise."

Keith said beside me and I nodded numbly, wondering why he was being nice to me, wondering why he was telling me to relax, wondering why we were going out for dinner in the first place.

Maybe he likes...

I stopped myself before I could complete that thought. A mistaken one night stand that happened about 4 weeks ago wasn't enough for him to like me... was it? And then I remembered how nice he had been over the past few weeks. maybe he was being serious. Maybe he actually wanted it to work. Maybe he was beginning to like me.

God please let it be true. I am not desperate for love but since I am ready to spend the rest of my life with this man, let him at least like me.

That was my prayer as I looked out and into the darkness of the night.

Hi y'all. This chapter is shorter than usual but I really want to apologize for not updating in like forever. I got the comments and I felt really bad and decided to post this to show you guys I haven't forgotten about this book. I have just been really busy. I hope it's not too disappointing.

Vote. Comment. I like so much. I'll start working on the next chapter immediately so that it won't waste so much time again. Till next time, Ciao.

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