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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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"Damn" I muttered to myself when I lost in the color switch game I was playing. Annoying addictive game. I had been playing the game for over two months and my high score was still just 34. I sighed and started all over again while I listened to the news channel dad was watching with one ear.

I had been with him for the past 2 days so he wouldn't be alone...and so I wouldn't have to see Keith. Yes, I was officially avoiding him.

"Maya?" I heard my dad call me. He was the only one that called me that.

"Sir?" I replied, not taking my eyes off my game. I was determined to get break my record.

"You need to go home." And just like that, the pink ball hit the purple bar and I lost again. My heart dropped a bit as I chuckled a little.

"I..I like it here." I murmured.

"Sure, you like it here but you said you will work it out with your husband. You've been here for two days already. I know you'll say he doesn't care but you still need to go back and if things aren't working out, we will find a way around getting that divorce."

Shaking my head furiously, I said no. I was adamant about it. I wasn't going to get a divorce just because my husband didn't want me when I knew my dad stood the chance of losing everything he ever worked for. I didn't care that I was basically sacrificing my whole life and future just to prevent him from losing the company. Sighing, I went upstairs to my old room and got my bag and then soon, I kissed his cheek. I said my good byes and all and I drove back to Keith's house.

When I turned the engine off, I just let my head drop on the steering wheel over and over and over again. Finally, I sucked it up and walked in while rubbing my bruised forehead.

He was not at home. The kind of relief that coursed through my veins was unreal. I went to my room and dumped my bag before grabbing my laptop and headphones and going downstairs. I didn't feel like being cooped up in my room and I didn't really care about the world at that moment. So I just grabbed the bucket of ice cream and the huge slice of chocolate cake and went to my best corner in the kitchen.

What to watch? What to watch? It's time to go on a movie marathon Maya. What shall it be?

I decided to rewatch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

And that was where I was when dear old husband walked into the house. It had been embarrassing. I was literally shovelling a large spoonful of icecream down my throat when he walked it. I swallowed it so fast I almost choked on it and looked away immediately. I didn't want to see it. The disgust or judgment in his eyes, but then I remembered he didn't have issues with saying mean things. So I braced myself for the hurtful words that he would throw at me.

"Hello." He said and my jaw dropped to the ground.

"Huh?" I said stupidly and he repeated the same word before leavi

came again, stronger than before. I looked down and saw one of the kittens brushing against my leg. I fucking jumped. Literally.

"What the hell Keith? Don't be jumping around and scaring the shit out of someone for no...Is that a cat? Dude you hate cats."

That was when Maya walked in.

Seeing the kitten that decided to stray outside the box she left them in, she rushed in and bent to pick the poor thing up. I was glad I hadn't accidentally kicked it.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll take him in immediately. He won't bother you again."

Turning back to my friends as she disappeared into the kitchen, I frowned when I looked at Samuel. Before I could say something, Leo said "You let her get a cat."

"She ended up getting 5. She really wanted them and ...yeah." I finished awkwardly. Leo gave me a knowing look as his eyes twinkled. I didn't let him say what he wanted to say. I turned to Samuel immediately.

"If I see you eyefuck my wife next time, I will gorge your eyes out and fucking feed them to you." I growled.

"It's not my fault she's a hot piece."

"I won't say it again Samuel. Keep your fucking eyes to yourself. She won't be one of the BBW you will end up fucking."

Something in my eyes must have given him an idea of how pissed I was and so he kept quiet as he nodded. He mumbled a sorry.

Just then, I heard a dog bark. I turned only to see a big brown dog run past me as it followed Maya's scent. A dog? A fucking dog? I wasn't fond of dogs.

I saw the look in Leo's eyes and the grin on his face. I knew what he wanted to say and before he could, I said "Fuck you Leo." And then he started laughing.

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