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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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Sooooo there isn't much to say except that her thoughts are in italics. ?

Danica's POV

"Good afternoon." I said to my dad and watched him set his newspaper down as he looked at me through his glasses. He seemed...different.

"Maya, how are you doing?" I nodded as I sat down before him.

"I'm okay. Mr Howard told me you weren't feeling fine. Are you better now?"

He nodded as he sank into the sofa completely and closed his eyes. "I'm fine now. It was not something serious, just stress."

I nodded in agreement. He looked tired. "You should take it easy. Since the merger is almost complete, you should start taking sometime off. Keith seems like a good business man, so I think he can manage everything on his own while you take a break. You can't spend your old age working." I joked. It was a poor attempt, and I never made jokes in front of my father.

He snorted and replied "I'm not even up to 55 Maya. What do you mean by 'seems like?'"

"Yeah. I dunno, I dunno anything about the business world, so I can't tell." I don't know my husband, so I can't even tell if he is a good business man or not.

Maybe he saw something in my eyes, maybe my body movement gave something away, so when his eyes narrowed to slits, his next question was "Are you happy Danica? Is there something else that I don't know about?"

First of all, I was shocked. Never had I ever heard my father ask me that question. His usual questions were either school related or our usual how are you? Fine questions.

Secondly, what had he expected when he made me get married at 19 to a total stranger?

Thirdly, he had asked the question in such a manner that shocked me, and there was a hint of protectiveness in his voice.

Fourthly, he didn't know what was going on. I always pretended to be okay whenever I saw him, probably because I didn't imagine him caring even though I wished it.

"I'm fine. Everything is fine." Lies.

"Are you happy Danica?" He asked again and I gave him a shaky smile as his eyes bored into mine.

"I'm... used to it. I don't know if you'll like it but I made pot roast for you so you can eat and get better." I said as I changed the topic immediat

g you the way I left you. I regret it, and I'm sorry."

I nodded as I let out a sigh of happiness. "Can I call you Daddy?"

"Please. I'd love that Maya."

"...I love you Daddy."

Squeezing me harder, he repeated the words I said to him. After 2 minutes of not saying anything, I said "Don't you ever get lonely here? The house is so..empty, and you are always alone here. I'd have visited everyday and spent the night but I didn't think you wanted me around."

"I'm used to being alone Maya, but if you want to come over anytime, it's your home too. You don't have to ask me first."

"Well I was thinking of adopting a dog and 2 cats. I'll get you a doggy. Not a puppy tho. You'll love the the way I made meatloaf for you to get better. Let's go." He nodded and then reached over to grab the documents but I held his hand to stop him and shook my head.

"Don't worry yourself about Keith and I dad. We will work our issues out on our own okay? Don't bother looking for any loopholes. He strikes me as a good business man, so I can say that your company is in safe hands... though I don't know anything about business but..." I just smiled without completing the statement. He sighed and then returned the documents to his safe. Holding out his hand for me, I took it and smiled at him.

Just like that, I had the best day with the person I least expected. My father.

Filler chapter. I just had to mend their relationship.??

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