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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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I just had to add my best video of the year just in case you dunno it??

You have no idea how many times I have watched it. Enjoyyy.

Oh by the way, mature chapter. Yes, Keith is a pervert??

I was a bit jumpy around Keith when I woke up in the morning. He acted pretty normal around me. I patiently waited for him to leave for work but he didn't. 11am I gave up. He wasn't going to go to work that day.

I already decided to miss school that day, besides I had to go to my dad's. We didn't have the best relationship but he was still my dad and the butler had told me he wasn't feeling so good. I decided to make something for him.

I knew that pot roast was his best dish, so I just made it for him. I made enough for Keith and I too, and a little extra for his friend just in case he came over.

Then I bathed and dressed up, putting on a loose knee length dress and a denim jacket. I put on my sneakers and just as I was leaving the room, I saw Keith rush out of his room and I paused to know what was going on. Immediately I heard the front door open and close, I rejoiced finally thanking God that he left the house.

I quickly ran to his room and was mortified to see that the sheets were different. I didn't even know he knew how to change bed sheets. So he knew! And he let me do it every single day for the past 3 years. Argh!!! What kind of spoilt kid was he?

After grumbling for like 2minutes, I bent and started searching for what brought me in here in the first place. Immediately I looked under the bed, the door opened and I stood up immediately. I was in deep shit.

"What are you doing?" He asked and I wriggled my hands, thinking of excuses to give. What was I supposed to say? That I went in there to search for my thong? I had somehow managed to convince myself that he didn't even remember we had sex and he just changed the sheets because he felt like it. So why bring the topic up again?

"I..err...I was looking for my err...?"

"This?" He completed, holding out my hair clip from last night. I totally forgot I had used it.

"Yes! That! I must have dropped it while cleaning yesterday." I said, completing the lie. Thank you Lord!

I took it from him and gave a shaky smile before turning to leave.

"Look..." He started and I stopped to listen.

"I'm sorry, about last night."

"Last night?" I said in this strange nervous high pitched voice. Oh God I was hoping he didn't remember because of the drinks. God please let it be an apology for saying something mean that I don't remember.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. I was not thinking. I was drunk, it was a mistake. I'm sorry."

Mistake. Right. Of course I knew he was going to say that but it still didn't stop this hurt that bloomed in me.

"Okay. Yeah, no big deal. So I'll get going now. I'm going to see my dad. He isn't feeling really fine." I slipped out of the room and left the house.

Keith's POV

Immediately she left that room, I realised I was the biggest douche I'd ever met. Why did I even bother saying those words? She was already acting like it didn't happen, probably because she expected me to use the word mistake to describe it, which I had done. I could have just gone on with the flow. I thought back to the previous night.

I had not been drunk or even a bit intoxicated. It had all been voluntary and done with a clear mind, and the truth is, I had actually wanted to do that. That night, I couldn't get Leo's words out of my head, and I had been angry because he had said the truth and when I told him to fuck off, he left and I drank a little.

"Why are you being an ass to your wife unnecessarily Keith?"

"Because I want to be."

"I thought you had a smart head on your shoulders."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean Leo?"

"That you have something good thrown into your lap and you are being too dumb to see it."

"She's my own wife and not yours to be concerned about Leo."

"Oh I know she's not mine but let me tell you something Keith. You have someone that fucking cooks and cleans for you. You treat her like shit and she still stays up to wait for you until you bring your ass back after doing whatever you want to do or fucking whoever you want to. She

isn't a waste of space and is almost done with school. Oh I'm sure many men out there want her and would have approached her if not for the band on her finger; some won't even care if she's married or not, they still want her. She may be so insecure as to not see it now but one day, she will get tired of your shit and will implement that open marriage rule you enforced."

"Get the fuck out Leo."

"The truth hurts doesn't it? I'm your best friend and I'd rather tell you the truth and hurt your feelings with it now than watch you make a mistake."

"I said you should fucking leave Leo, before I lose my patience."

"I don't know if you noticed it, but she wasn't wearing her wedding band. Guess you aren't the only one that doesn't want people to know that you are married. That should tell you something."

Everything he said were things I already knew, except the wedding ring part.

I already knew I wasn't married to a waste of space or a useless person. I knew that in the bid to expand the business, I inadvertently struck gold in getting a good wife.

I had been pissed about the wedding. Never had I imagined that I'd be married at 25. I thought I'd take that step from 35 or so. Apart from that, I had never been one to go for black girls, and I didn't like thick girls, besides she was a fucking teenager and I preferred older women. She was a combination of everything I never wanted, so I hated her. Besides I had a girlfriend. I liked her enough to care about her feelings, and the sex was good. So I didn't see the essence of breaking up with her for Maya (he calls her Maya instead of Danica because everyone calls her Danica or Nica and he likes Maya better), so I kept on with the relationship.

After 3 years I finally got used to living with her. She was no longer an eyesore, she was more like a living fixture that could cook and clean.

When I had a wake-up call was when that guy picked her up in the morning. I was suddenly faced with the possibility that she was seeing someone else. I didn't like it, but I was not going to act on it because it was like spitting on the floor and bending to lick it up. It was undignified.

Leo's words had pissed me off, but they were true and I didn't like it. But I was sure of one thing. After last night, I wasn't the same person I had been and I wasn't going to let anyone else have her. I already claimed her, and I was not going to let her slip out of my fingers just like that.

When I slipped my hand into my pocket, I felt the lacy material I had put in there when I found it. Pulling it out, I looked at the black lacy thing I had pulled off her the night before. Seeing the way her ass swallowed it almost made me lose my shit. I almost came there and then and it would have been embarrassing. Her inexperience made me smile softly. Her shy sloppy kisses and her sloppy blowjob had been hot too, and when I tasted her, fuck. I love going down on women, hell I was one of the kinkiest men I ever met. I was a pervert behind closed doors.

That had been a night of firsts. First time with a black girl, first time with a thick girl and most of all, first time of having sex without protection.

Pulling her into my arms, the way I unconsciously nuzzled into her thick soft warm body, I realised I liked my wife, and I liked her body, and I liked that she was patient with me and she was what I wasn't. In this strange way, she completed me, but I was not ready to venture into that territory yet.

Bringing the lacy material close to my nose, I closed my eyes as I took a deep breath. I wanted to take her again in that instant. But knowing that I might not have that kind of opportunity again, I decided to step up my game. Putting the thong back into my pocket, i reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out the wedding band i hadn't worn for almost a year and half or so. The weight felt so alien on my finger. But I was going to win her to my side.



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