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3 weeks later

"Happy Birthday Sugar" I whispered to Josiah as I hugged him so hard I almost crushed his bones.

He giggled as he said "owwwie. Its hurts mum"

"Oh really? You don't like my hugs anymore?" I said making the sad face.

"Mummy looks silly" he said as he cackled with laughter.

I made my voice deeper "Since I am silly, and you don't like my hugs anymore, here comes the...tickle monster!!" I said as I tickled him mercilessly. He laughed, and screamed, aborted, made all sorts of sound you can imagine, just as he managed to get words like "sorry, you are not silly I love your hugs". Tears rolled down his face, until I finally stopped.

"Happy birthday Josiah. I wish you the very best in life."

"Thank you. I love you mum"

"I love you too. Let's go down to the kitchen. Rald is there with grandma and grandpa and Mr P. Whatever you want for breakfast" He nodded as he ran downstairs. I sighed as I sat down on the bed. "It wasn't supposed to be like this" I thought. Seth and I had been making plans for Siah's birthday. But sadly, we weren't together anymore.

I already got a present for him. A lot actually, but I knew what his best was going to be.

I wondered if Seth would call to wish him a happy birthday. What lie would he tell to cover up his absence? I checked the time. 11am. Sh*t I shouted as I stood up by force.

Then I suddenly felt quesy and a bit lightheaded. Next thing I know, I was hugging the toilet and retching. Even when I no longer had something in my stomach, I still made the painful sounds. Finally, it stopped. I flushed the toilet as I brushed my teeth and then showered.

Then I pulled out a black leggings and big T-shirt. Tied NY hair up in a messy bun and took my phone and sun shades before leaving.

"Morning mum and dad" I said as I pecked their cheeks. "Mama. Mama"

"Raldy. My beautiful angel. His is mummy's girl?" I asked as I picked her up. She clapped as she grinned at me. She was getting more beautiful day by day. Just as I ate the last piece of my waffles, the smell of egg wafted through my nose.

Within the blink of an eye, I was throwing up again, with my mum holding up my hair this time around.

"Are you done?"

I nodded as tears brimmed my eyes. "Why is this happening? Am I sick? But I don't feel sick."

"This isn't the first time?"

"No. Before I came downstairs" She nodded as she watched me rinse my mouth with the mouthwash in that bathroom.

"You look pale. Maybe you should stay back Natasha"

"I feel fine. Besides, I have to go and get the cake and other things. I am taking Emerald with me. I don't want to go alone, and going with Josiah will spoil the surprise."

She nodded as we walked out. "Are you okay sweety?" My dad asked and I replied "I'm fine now" as I bent to pick Emerald.

"Where are you going mum?"

"Want to go pick up something. I'll be right back sugar. I won't waste time."

I first went to the cake shop to pick the one I asked for. But they brought two. "I just asked for one, that of the monster truck and not two."

"Your h

ess, Josiah knocked on the bathroom door. Another distraction. Thank God.

"Daddy wants to talk to you."

"Okay. I will come and tuck you in when we finish talking okay?"

Then I said "hello"

"Natasha, thank you."

"He's my son Seth. I will do anything to make him its really over?"

"I'm sorry. But its better for everyone like this"

"Better for everyone or better for you?You are not even trying to work things out. You just gave up on us, just like that."

"We have hurt each other a lot Natasha. Its better this way."

"What about the kids? What am i supposed to tell them? You are going to also drop them just like that too?"

"We will work something out."

"You lied to me Seth. Why did you tell me you love me when you know you didn't?"

"I didn't lie Natasha. I meant every word I said"

"Stop lying to me Seth. If I had known, I wouldn't have let you in. If not for my sake, but for the sake of those children."

"I'm sorry Natasha"

"Sorry is what you say when you step on someone's shoe. You broke my heart, left me when I needed you the most. You forced yourself on me. You made me believe you actually love me but you don't. You made open up to you again, you bonded with those children only to walk out on us just like we are old shoes. If we actually meant something to you, you would have tried to work things out instead of processing divorce papers.

Thank you Seth. Thank you very much."

I said as I disconnected and wiped the tears off my face, but they kept flowing. I peed in a cup and tore open all 6 tests at the sane time. Those 5minutes were the longest of my life. And then I heard my phone make a sound, because the timer got to 5minutes.

I checked all 6. Positive. Pregnant. +. Congratulations.

I broke down in tears again.

The cupcakes are the ones from Seth, The one with the cars is from Tasha and that is Elmo.

Hope u guys like this chapter. Slowly coming to an end.

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