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   Chapter 40 NO.40

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It was already a month and 2 weeks after our first time and Siah's dad still hadn't struck. I even doubted the fact that he was out there still waiting for us. I had this belief that it had been a once in a time prank.

And I was getting tired of staying indoors. We were also running out if groceries.

"Seth, we are running out of groceries. I have to go out and get them."

"No Natasha. You are not allowed out if the house until that maniac is off the streets."

"But we don't have anything to eat."

"Send someone Tasha. We are not talking about this Natasha. I am not willing to risk my family for groceries."

"I'm not sending anyone to do grocery shopping for me Seth, and I'm going to do it. Besides, we don't even know if he is still out there. It could have been a call to just creep us out for the fun of it."

He sighed and walked out. I groaned, frustrated. I didn't tell anyone, but I suddenly had this fear that we would run out of food when I wouldn't expect it. My appetite had suddenly increased, and I didn't know what to make of it. I walked into our room and heard the shower running. I stripped down to my panties and walked in. His back was facing me, so I wrapped my hands around him, hugging my naked chest to his back. "I'm sorry" I whispered. "But I need to do this. We can't let him control our lives..and I don't want to fight with you." he sighed, turning and hugging me and nuzzling my neck

"Natasha, I don't want to risk it. Oh God, just the imagination is eating me up from inside. Who knows what will happen? I...." I cut him off with a kiss. "Nothing will happen." Then he kissed me again and I could feel his erection poking my stomach. He pulled my pant off and I heard it drop on the floor with a splat. "Jump" he said and I did so, wrapping my legs around his waist.

"You are adding weight"

"Shut up" I said embarrassed. I knew I was adding weight.

"I'm sorry. I cant wait for you to get ready" he said before entering me and groaning out loud. I let him have his way with me and before long, he came.

I could feel his body trembling. My poor baby. With the work stress and dealing with a cranky me and kids, he was almost at his limit. With unsteady hands and legs, he held me, turned off the shower and walked out. "Are you okay now?" And h

to go and get dressed. Then I called Seth and he picked after the 4th ring. "Hey" he said. "I'm sorry. I didn't want you to stress over me." He snorted and said "I am supposed to stress over you. I am tour husband its my duty." "I'm about leaving now." "Okay. Take care of yourself.....I love you." I smiled and said "I love you too. And please don't be mad any longer."

"I'm not. At least not after hearing your voice. See you when I get back." "Can't wait" and I disconnected.

After dressing up and after much debating, I took the gun. Darn thing was heavy and I was annoyingly conscious of it against my skin. Then I went to my parents house and dropped Emerald before going to the store. I put the gun under my seat

"Want something in particular?" I asked Siah and he nodded and pointed to the toy aisle that was the next one and we went there. He had developed a sudden love for monster trucks and he picked some trucks and action figures. I got stuffed teddies for them too and a doll for Emerald. Then we went to the counter and paid and had everything packaged for us.

I was about starting the car when my phone rang. It was an unknown caller. I picked up and the person on the other side said "Emerald wants to say hi to you" before taking the phone closer to her mouth for me to hear her screaming in pain. And I heard nothing else but the sound of my heart thudding loudly against my ribs.

Another chapter. Few to go. Almost done with Setasha. Hope u guys like it.



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