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   Chapter 36 NO.36

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Updated: 2018-03-12 16:41

I would have loved to have written this chapter in Josiah's POV but I can't. This chapter will be based on 3rd person perspective. I want it to be a kind of explanatory chapter. How his parents met and stuff like that. But i will still write in his POV.

Justin Stone and Emily Crawford had been best friends in highschool. From best friends to sweethearts and then to husband and wife.

Justin had proposed on one of those starry nights when they found out they were expecting their first child. He had been 26, and she 25. They had been in love. And had gotten married.

Four months after the wedding, they had a son whom they called Josiah Andrew Stone. Hr had been their pride and joy, but every thing changed few months after his birth. Justin had tried drugs and became addicted. He started abusing his wife. He lost his good job, blaming his wife and saying it was her fault for not waking him up early. She had become his punching bag.

Forgetting that it takes two to make a baby, he blamed Emily for ruining his life by getting pregnant, giving him no choice other than to marry her.

He had started raping her continuously, beating her, belittling her. He had raped her in the presence of their 4year old son, but hadn't cared. She had become a shadow of herself. To cause her more pain, he tied her up while he hit Josiah and burned him with ciggarretes in her presence.

But she had been a great mother, taking good care of her son and trying as much as she could to keep him safe.

She found out she was pregnant, and gave birth to a girl. But due to complications at north, she had lost her life.

Josiah had learnt how to take care of himself and his sister. His father had hated him the most because he blamed him for coming along and ruining his life.

Justin had been hitting Josiah when Emily was alive, but when she died, it got worse.

th their stupid mother who is lucky she is dead right now, else she would be facing hell in my hands.

Josiah actually thinks he can escape from me. That lil piece of sh*t doesnt learn from experience. The number of times I have caught and cut him should teach him not to run but he still ran away.

I had robbed and raped a woman, but unfortunately, she saw my face and she got away before I could do anything about it. So I ran away in case the police found their way to my house. I went back for my little punching bags only to find them gone. They ran away again, but this time around I couldn't find them.

Imagine my surprise when I had seen an old discarded magazine that had a picture of them, smiling with a man and a woman. So they had been adopted and living a good life. I refused to accept that. They weren't supposed to be that happy after ruining my life. J must get them back, I promise.

Another chapter y'all. Hope you like it. I finally wrote in Justin's POV and explained what happened to Siah and Emerald. What next? Read on. The book is gradually coming to an end....tho this won't be the final drama.

Comment!! Vote!!!! It will make me happy and also inspire me.

BTW this chapter is dedicated to Sapphire1326.

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