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I have no idea why but after struggling for like 3seconds, I kissed him back. With the same equal force he kissed me with. My lips actually remembered his. (I have no idea how to wrote a kissing scene. Sorry. Lol).

When he pulled away, I whispered "why?

"Why I cheated? I have never cheated on you Natasha since we got married. The only time I did was that one time. I was young and scared, weak and foolish. But I want you to know that I belong to you, only to you. No one else. Only you makes me feel this way."

"But I saw the articles at the store. Even pictures."

"Luchey kissed me when she was drunk. I didn't kiss back. I guess a picture was taken immediately it happened. You know people say all kind of things for the money."

"I can't believe you are both still in contact...... and the strawberry blonde?"

"She has wanted me for a long time now. I don't want her. I tried telling her to stop, but she's clingy. She did try seducing me and I came close to giving in but I remembered I've got a wife hotter and sexier than her." he replied with a lecherous grin as he was took my right earlobe between his teeth.

"Why do you still talk to Luchey, since she still wants you?"


the pain. I opened the cabinet but I didn't see any pain killer. My periods have always been painful and also, considering the quantity of sweets I consumed during the party, I was dying of pain. I went out to meet Seth with tears in my eyes.

"Pains?" He questioned and I nodded.

"I don't have any pain killer and its worse because of the sugary things I took this evening."

"Come on, I should have some aspirins or ibuprofen in my room. And I'll massage your tummy like I used to." He said as he led me to his room.

After taking the drug, which luckily kicked in almost immediately, I fell asleep to the sound of his voice as he talked me to sleep while massaging my waist and tummy.

Seth is actually a sweetheart. He just doesn't know how how to go about it. Hope you like this chapter.

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