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   Chapter 27 NO.27

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I woke up to the sound of Emerald crying. Her gums were probably bothering her again. I sighed as I stood up. I was too tired, I felt like I couldn't stand up but I tried dragging myself out of bed. Then she stopped crying. What? I wondered? Then something crossed my mind. What if she was no longer conscious? What if something was wrong with her? I ran out of my room immediately towards their room. Neither Josiah nor Emerald was there. I stated panicking. Was someone in the house? Oh God oh God. I ran downstairs only to see the kitchen light on. I ran into the kitchen hoping they were there, and guess what? They were. With Seth, who didn't look like he had gotten any sleep and Josiah was eating lasagna.

"What's going on here? Late dinner? Seth, it's 3:34 am. Why is Josiah eating lasagna? And why are you here? Have you forgotten what I said?"

"I was about falling asleep when I heard the sound of someone moving around. It turned out to be Josiah who said he was hungry and here we are. And you took too long to get to get to Emerald. So I decided to warm her milk. At least I was able to do that, following the guidelines I got from the internet".

I groaned. Wh

never stopped thinking about you Natasha. I never stopped loving you. I have done a lot of things I am not proud of just to get you back Natasha. Please just give me a chance."

"You had your chance 4 years ago Seth. You even cheated while we are married. I know it's not real, but you are supposed to give me that little respect. I'm through with this Seth. Just stay away. I am over you. I'm even back in the dating zone. It's over. Don't try bonding with Emerald and Josiah. We are all leaving in the end."

"Like hell you are. You aren't leaving Natasha."

"Why are you so arrogant? You aren't supposed to think or act as if I will run into your arms. Act like you actually lost something, not like a damn proud arrogant king. You don't owe me Seth. Get it into your head."

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