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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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Natasha's POV

Seth actually came back earlier than expected. I had dropped the kids at my parents for the weekend and had coincidentally packed up their toys and put the house together when I heard the sound of the gate being closed by the gateman. I peeped out and saw the limousine that rounded up at the fountain infront of the house. Then he came out and I was like wow. Way to make an entrance. I understood why the girls wanted him so much. He was very attractive and rich. Tall, muscular, with beard, the most beautiful eyes blah blah blah.

I admit it, he looked hot as f**k in suit but I sure as hell didn't act like it. I ran back to the couch and laid down and faced the TV and continued watching the movie I was watching (sex and the city). I heard the door open and close and I heard footsteps and I didn't even turn. "Good day Natasha".

I turned and said "oh hey. Its you."

"Yes it is. You didn't hear me come in?"

"Nope. I didn't. The movie is very loud you see"

"It isn't even up to 15% high Natasha."

"Uhmm I'm sorry but were you expecting me to scream, jump up and into your arms like a loving wife awaiting the arrival of her long gone husband that just returned from a war?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. I was". I looked at him like he was stupid. He had to be kidding me. Really? I just snorted and walked out. Piece of shit. He called my name and I didn't reply. I went to my room and plugged my earphones in before playing "try too hard" by pink. 20minutes later, he came into my room.

"Don't you know how to knock? I could have been naked" I asked, exasperated. He smirked and said "Now that would have been a sight." When he saw the way I was looking at him, he cleared his throat and said "I did but you didn't reply. I thought you had your earphones on and I was right. You do have them on."

"What do you want?"

"I am hungry"

"Why are you telling me? I am not Emily you know"

"But you are my wife"

"Doesn't mean I will cook for you. Left to me, I'll l

cause I still love him. I am so pitiful"

"Your marriages is as real as marriages get. Talk to him. I am so sorry everything is a mess right now. But there is always a rainbow at the end of every storm". Then Emerald started crying because of the attention she wasn't getting. I sniffled and then giggled and let my mum pick her up. I went to look for my dad. He was in his study, as usual. "Hey dad." He was sirprided. I never called him that with such a cheery voice.

"Hey Natasha. You are fine, yes?"

"Yup. I'm up for that "catch up lunch" if years u are up to it". He looked extremely surprised. "Of course. I am free now".


Hanging out with my dad felt so good because I got over all the anger I had in me. "Thank you " he said when he dropped me at the house "I can't remember the last time I drove my car. I haven't been this free I'm years. Thank you for this Natasha. I..I love you. Always have. I just didn't know how to show it. I loved your brother. I love your mother. You people are my life. I live for you all. I am sorry for not showing u how much I care."

"Its cool dad. I love you too. Goodnight"

And I went inside, only to be greeted by an angry Seth.

I am so sorry you guys. I fell asleep before updating. This is a crappy chapter though. I'll make it better next time. Don't forget to ? and ??

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