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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Natasha's P.O.V

My parents came back from their vacation two weeks later. I knew they were back, but I didn't expect them to come over to see me.

They didn't know about Siah and Emerald, so they were very shocked when they saw them. "This is Siah, and Emerald".

"Awww. They are so cute. And she is such a pretty baby girl, with a beautiful name" my mum said, gushing over them. "Whose are they?"

"Mine". My mum almost dropped Emerald. My dad's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "What?!" She screamed and Emerald started crying while Josiah shrank back and hid behind me, his face was white and tears had pooled in his eyes. I glared at my mum as I plucked my crying baby out of her arms before leaving with them "Come on sweetie. Let's go. I pulled him away while trying to shush a crying Emerald.

"They hate us" Siah whispered.

"Of course not baby. They just weren't expecting to see you. They don't know you yet, so they were just shocked." I said to him while giving Emerald her bottle. "I will be back OK? Just wait for me. I'll be back in 10 alright?" I said kissing his head and he nodded as he took Emerald from me to continue feeding her. Then I went out to face my parents.

"What was the meaning of that?" I asked them.

"What was the meaning of that? We should be the ones asking you that question. You adopted? Two children? You have to take them back. What were you thinking? You aren't old enough to me making such decisions. You can't even take care if yourself yet talk more of two children that you don't know."

That struck a nerve and I exploded. "Did you just say old enough? I am not old enough to make decisions like that? So I'm old enough to get married and pop out an heir all in the name of saving the company, but not old enough to provide a home for 2 innocent children that had nothing. Wow mum. Good thinking. Ma

little angels, I thought they were asleep but as I bent to kiss them, Siah said "You took longer than 10minutes"

"I know baby. And I am sorry. We will go to the park when you are done napping alright?" And he nodded before sleeping off. I checked on Emerald and covered her well before going to my room to complete my school assessment. To be honest, I was stressed out. Emily the housekeeper had gone to her daughter's house because she gave birth, so I had been taking care of my babies myself, and I had been cooking and cleaning and doing laundry. I didn't complain because I finally had something to live for. I also had school work, and I also still worked out. I finally got the body I wanted. I was also progressing well in school. I felt fulfilled. I was stressed out, but I was overflowing with happiness.

Later on that evening at the park, I thought about what my mom said, and then I considered how happy I was with the kids, and then I decided to give my dad a chance. Just one chance.

Why keep all this happiness to myself when I can share it?

I was happy. I had everything I wanted. What could possibly go wrong?

I have nothing to say except that her thoughts are the words in italics. Don't forget to ? and ??. Bye

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