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   Chapter 19 NO.19

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Natasha's POV

I never knew I was so impulsive. One moment, I was thinking of what to eat, the next moment, I was already calling up the guys i.e Bykers and the rest to set up the nursery for me.

How did I go from being a married-obviously-single woman to adopting 2 kids within the space of one week? TWO KIDS?????! One kid was enough responsibility already, but two? What was I thinking? That's it. I wasn't thinking. I was just acting. When I saw them I knew I had to do something. I had to help them. In as much as I was still panicking, I was proud of myself because I saved two lives.

I couldn't get the boy to say a lot, but he did tell me his name, his sister's name and their age. His name is Josiah Andrew —I decided to call him Siah— and he is six, while his sister's name is Emerald Jane, and she was 6 months old.

When I asked about his mum, he said she was dead, an

Who would abuse such a child? His father? I thought so because he refused to talk about his dad. There was this fear in his eyes when I asked about him. I felt bad for him. From then onwards, I was determined to change the way he saw the world. I was determined to help him make good memories. And I started with giving him the coolest room a boy of 6 could dream of. From the way his eyes lit up with joy, to the big smile on his face as he traced the word "Andrew" on his pillowcase, I knew I had already started making those good memories.

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