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   Chapter 17 NO.17

My Ex, My Husband By Chyica Characters: 2386

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The following week, i went to the university to apply for a change of degree program. It was an annoyingly long process.

Emily, i.e Mrs Williams, the housekeeper, called my number when I got home, saying that she will be back earlier than planned because her sister's daughter came home to take care of her. I was very glad on her behalf.

I didn't know her well, but I was happy to have someone to stay with when I was at the house. She came home two days later, and after commenting on how I looked, went to her room to sleep after making a beautiful pot of spaghetti.

3 months later.

My transfer to economics department worked and I found the course interesting. I kept asking myself why I didn't do it

rial killer trying to lure me in.

When I walked past the trash bins there, I saw a body huddled close to the another body.

"Hello, are you okay?" I asked. I didn't get a reply, but I saw the small body shiver so much. He was holding a baby and then sat upright and looked at me with bright green eyes filled with tears.

"Help us. Please" he whispered before falling unconscious.

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