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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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Natasha's POV

I woke up with grainy eyes and nostrils full of snot and a pounding headache behind my eyes. I felt numb. I wasn't happy or sad or depressed. I was just there. No feeling. No emotion. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I laid there for like 20 minutes before standing up and heading into the shower. I stood there for like 5 minutes before washing my hair with my coconut shampoo and conditioning it and then washing my body. After drying off my body, I put on the bath robe there and then stood in front of the mirror. I looked at my reflexion. My tattoos didn't hurt that much anymore. My eyes and nose were somewhat red and my face was puffy from both crying and sleeping.

I sighed and then went into my room and pulled out a crop top and a pair of torn jeans. I pulled my hair up into a messy and put on my shades and my rubber flip-flops and went downstairs looking for the kitchen.

I needed a cold glass of water and I was hungry. When I got there, I saw an older woman wisking eggs. I said good morning to her and she turned and gave me a warm smile saying "Morning Mrs Blackwell. How are you today?" I was uncomfortable with what she called me, so I replied "Please call me Tasha, and I am fine. How ar

m what an apology would do for me and he said he just needed to get it off his chest and I shrugged it off since it was useless to me. Then he asked me if I had packed and I asked him "why and what am I packing for?" with attitude and he said we had to go on our "honeymoon" to make people think its all real. And I agreed. He also told me that it was supposed to be for one week, and after the one week, if I wanted to come back home, I could because he was going to be away for a year on business. The rest of the year alone sounded really good to me. And we had to keep it real, so we had to go on the honeymoon. So I looked at him and said "Why not? We have to keep it real."

I'm so proud of myself. Another chapter. Short, I know. But its all I have for now.

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