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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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Natasha's POV

Immediately we got into the limo, I whispered a thank you to the person that came up with the idea of tinted glass. I moved to the end, far away from him and brought out my phone and kissed the screen whispering "I missed you so much baby".

I checked my Facebook page. When I got tired of that, I decided to check on my Virtual Family game to know how my little family was doing.

After that, I was bored. Really bored. I wasn't in the mood to think of the past event, so I just closed my eyes. Seth and I didn't say even one word to each other. When we got to the gate of his house, I felt doomed. Those gates were huge. When we got inside, I saw his house. Mansion is more like it. It felt like a prison. My prison. I wondered how long I would stay in that house before running mad. When we got inside, he turned to me and said "the maid will show you to your room."

When I saw the room, I was amazed. It was gorgeous. The bed was the most alluring thing in the room. It called out to me and I was about answering when he barged into my room and told me to pack a bag since we will be leaving in the morning.

I frowned before holding my hand up to shush him."Hold up. Who do you think you are ordering me about? Mind the way you talk to me and have the decency to knock next time you little piece of shit".

He looked at me and chuckled as he backed me up against the wall and said "You better watch that tongue of yours Natasha. This is my house, I am your husband. I am the man of this house and you won't talk to me in such manner again. I will talk to you whatever way I want and you won't do anything abo

she heard the words I said to Tasha. I missed her so much. All these years, I thought of her, wanted her beside me each time I made a success. And I finally managed to manipulate my way back into her life to try to win her back only for me to say those horrible things to her during our first conversation in years. My phone rang and I looked at it and it was my P.A calling me and I picked the calling saying "Blackwell."

"Good evening sir. I just called to inform you that I got the tickets and your flight will leave by 6 am tomorrow." I told her to change the flight to the next one and she told me that the next flight was going to be by 11:45am. That my meeting was supposed to be by 10am. I told her that I didn't care that she should do as she was told and she said OK. Goodnight and I disconnected. I got naked and had a cold shower. I wore a pair of light boxers and went to check on her and she was still crying. I touched the door, leaning my head on it I sighed. I decided to give her space and went to bed.

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