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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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Updated: 2018-03-12 16:27

I never beleived the phrase "time flies" till my wedding day. Time really does fly, especially when you don't want that event to take place. In school, during a very boring lecture, I'd look at my wrist watch

Over and over again, begging time to fly so I would leave that class but No. It will crawl in a painfully slow manner. But when I needed it to crawl in that manner, it would fly. Why universe?

Today is my wedding day and for that, I slept in. After waking up to eat I went back to sleep and finally woke up by 4pm.

Unnatural I know but I couldn't help it. I was drained, emotionally physically and psychologically. I am supposed to be happy, look pretty and be happy. But no. I look pretty and happy, but not happy. I didn't want to do this.

Today, after over 40 months, I will see Seth again. The thought filled me with anger and anxiety. I didn't want to see him. Seeing him will just bring back memories I finally managed to forget.

I tried strecting and I was sore all over. My neck, back, fingers. I wondered why i was sore and then i remembered the tattoos. I still can't believe I did something that wild. 6 tattoos in one day.

Then my mom came in singing wakey wakey rise and shine! I was so not in the mood for her cheerfulness. I was like a grumpy cat. (I love grumpy cat!!!). He was the only one that could understand me at that point in time.

Grumpy cat, the one person that would tell me not to be a racist and to hate everybody. I'm rambling I know. Sorry. She dragged me out of bed and pushed me into the bathroom. I decided to take a bath instead of showering since soaking up sounded so inviting at that moment.

When I the warm

ask. She's a model. She's 23. Not an arranged marriage though.

Jade is 22 but she owns a bakery. She's nothing like her sister. And her parents don't bother her, maybe because she's the last born, that's probably why she does what she wants to do without annoying anybody. When the time came, my dad came to walk me and my palms started sweating. I started counting in my heart and taking deep breathes. Then my dad hugged me. I stiffened. I was shocked beyond words. And he whispered " I am so sorry for making you do this but thank you" I whispered okay.

I have never seen this side of my dad before. Before I could really wrap my mind around everything that just happened, I heard the "hear comes the bride" song being played. I hate that song with passion because it has been overused. Why can't someone else come up with something new, it's same old boring hear comes the bride. I was still hating on the song when I saw him.

Sorry if its horrible but its almost 2am and a girl needs her sleep. Sorry for all the grammatical errors. That's her gown in the picture.

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