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   Chapter 8 NO.8

My Ex, My Husband By Chyica Characters: 2575

Updated: 2018-03-12 16:25

"When is the wedding?" I asked my mom in a monotone and she said it's in a month's time.

A month's time. I didn't want to do this. In a month's time, I will get married. Suddenly, I thought of something that never crossed my mind before. The wedding night. I was still a virgin, considering the fact that I wasn't really a fan of premarital sex. I want someone to be with me for me not for the sex.

I thought my wedding night was going to be amazing, that I was going to give my virginity to someone I loved, someone who deserved it. Not Seth. Seth. When I was 16, I thought he was going to be the one. Heck I even imagined it happening.

But the more I thought about the fact that if not because of the arrangement we wouldn't even be doing this in the first plac

That motherf*cker. He wouldn't even attend rehearsal. He will come on the wedding day, while me, the perfect slave, had to do everything. Fucking asshole.

Choosing the wedding gown was hard as f*ck, tasting cake, the flowers etcetera. For a lazy soul like me who was being forced into that stuff, it was stressful. But, in time, I believe everything is going to be fine.......after the divorce. Can't wait!

This is my worst chapter. I am soooo sorry. I will try harder next time. Please vote and comment

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