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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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I started giggling, then it became a full laughter, snorts and all. "You guys are real funny. Playing a joke like that."

I teared up from laughing so much. After wiping it off my face with my finger tips, I looked at them with a lingering 0 smile on my face.

They were staring back at me like I was crazy or something and that was when it fawned on me that they were serious.

"Wait what? You expect me to marry Seth?—" I asked my mum. "—After all these years you expect me to marry Seth? I f*cking told you about everything that happened between Seth and I and you still went ahead to plan a marriage between us?"

"You and Seth were a thing?" Carla chipped in and that made me roll my eyes.

"No. I was his bodyguard. That's why we spent so much time together 4 years ago" I said with voice laced with sarcasm.

"Watch your tongue Natasha. Show some respect to your guests." my dad ordered.

Before I could come up with a reply, my mum asked a question that made me question her sanity "Natasha, it won't be as bad as you think it will. It worked out between you two before. Why shouldn't it work out now if y

ion. Thought I will make her life easier. Since I wasn't there for her as a child, I thought I wi..."

"Don't worry. She will thank you one day for it". O...ka...yyyyyy. That was totally freaky. I mean my stonehard dad was talking like that? Wow. But I rolled my eyes at what my mother said. Like hell I was going to thank them for forcing me to marry my stupid ex.

Then I thought about Seth. I wondered how much he has changed. Was he still the same? Or did he change a lot? From the little I heard, he had dropped out of college to play his role in the business. I did know I was dreading seeing him and I knew I didn't have a choice. One way or the other, the reason for our breakup was going to come up and we were going to talk about it.

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