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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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I left the office crying and rushed into the bathroom close to it so they wouldn't hear me cry and when I couldn't stop, I left and went to my too.

I was blinded by my tears, so I didn't see my mum till I ran into her and felt her wrap her arms around me. "W-w-Whh-y?" I asked her in-between sobs. And she said "Because he cares".

When I shook my head, she sighed and led my to my room and sat me down on the chair before taking one wipe from the box of wipes on my table to clean my face and helped me change my clothes.

After removing my top and jeans, I stood up to look for a T-shirt to wear and she whistled and said "Damn girl! You have got the shape" to lighten the mood. I giggled a bit. Then I sat on the chair and she started brushing my hair.

She said "You know, he does care about you. He always has and always will".

"How can you say that mum? Like you don't know what happened downstairs. It was an ORDER, not a request. It's always an order when it comes to him. He never considers my opinion."

And then she said "He is used to being the dominant. He was raised that way. To be the man of the house, strong, Controlling, do everything to make sure his family has everything necessary in life. He is used to having his way. You know, when we first got married, and I got pregnant, he used to spank me or take something really important away from me to make me eat because he didn't want anythi

ng to happen to his babies and his wife just because of her stubborn nature which was childish. That was his way of caring. He just doesn't know how to express his feelings. He would lock them up with chains and padlocks. He was not taught things like that and unfortunately, I couldn't even teach him because I didn't know it myself. Hell! I learnt how to be a mother to you 3 years ago and I am not even good at it. I am not trying to make excuses for him but all I am saying is that you think about it. Also help him open up to this warm feeling I have each time in my heart when I am with you. You are easy to love, Tasha. Maybe you were destined to teach him how to love and not me." She smiled down at me and then continued.

"You up to shopping tomorrow? They are coming over for dinner and we are meant to look very nice".

"They are coming over tomorrow? I thought they just signed it. How can they be coming over tomorrow?". I panicked.

"Relax sweety. They want to all of us to get it over and done with. Everything is for the best. Come on. Time for bed".

With that, she dragged me to bed and covered me with the duvet switching the air-conditioner to a normal temperature and kissed my cheek and whispered goodnight. With my thoughts running wild, I fell asleep.

I know its short and all. Sorry. Reviews please.

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