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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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It's been 4 years since my breakup with Seth. I have been called names like cock block, b**ch, cold hearted b**ch. It was as if the b-word was now my middle name. But I didn't care though. I am too beautiful to lose sleep over stuff like that.

I did make a friend though. Derek. I have never seen a guy who is so much a good friend as he is. Derek is an amazing friend, very protective of his friends. He became my best friend, the only person that actually saw beneath the walls I built. We became friends when I was 18. He was 19. The only nice Jock in high-school (but he didn't let people know how nice he was).

When we became friends, his friends started dropping lines like "Bykers. Trying to tap the ice queen? When you are done, tell me what you did to get her. I might just want to have a taste of that piece." Their comments were disgusting and annoying but I tried not to let them get to me.

He used to date the head cheerleader, Payton. She was a slut though. I'm not judging, just stating reality. I don't know if he was blind or jazzed, but whatever it was, he was crushed when he saw a video of her orgy with the football team. Gross. He did love the girl and I don't know why. I don't think he ever got over it really. Even though we started dating after years of being friends, I still felt like a part of him still belonged to her.

We started dating the day after prom. It was more of a rebound relationship for both of us. So one party leaving the other won't actually hurt the person left behind. I was with him on the roof of his house drinking beer and eating pizza when my mum called.

"Hey baby"

"Hey mum. What's wrong? Have you been crying?" I asked when I heard how rough her voice was.


? Crying? No. I just don't feel too good. Can you come home? We need to discuss something important."

"Oh okay. I'll be there soon. Love ya mum". Then she ended the call. I frowned as I stood up, licking my fingers and said "I had fun Derek. Thank you so much for dinner".

He saw me off to where I parked my bike. He hugged me and pecked my lips. And said goodnight and I left. I still couldn't stop thinking or imagining what we had to talk about. Worry was trying to find it's way into my head but I stomped it down. No need getting worried over nothing when I hadn't even heard what she had to say.

When I walked into the house, I felt the tension. It was so thick that a knife could cut through it. "Honey is that you?"

"Yes mum. Where are you?"

"Kitchen". She replied and that's where I saw her as she was getting a drink. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying. But she still refused to tell me what the problem was. When we got into my dad's office in the house, he looked up from the documents, pushed his glasses up his forehead and said "Natasha" with an emotionless voice.

"Father" I said with an equally emotionless voice.

"Sit down" and my mum and I sat.

"We need to tell you something. Your mother and I." I saw an emotion cross his face. Nervousness. What is he up to? Are they getting a divorce?

"You are getting married". I froze with shock. When I found my voice, I couldn't help but shout "What?"

By the way, English is not my first language. I always make a mistake of changing tenses. Please bear with me.

Even with the personal edition, until I find someone very good in English to edit the book, the errors will probably still be there. Still, don't forget to vote and comment.

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