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   Chapter 69 Lemonade

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And when the last minute had passed this form of his disappeared to the air and my vision dims with tears that do not trace my cheeks.

Aphrodite was the one who came over to pat my back and I smile letting her know I was alright and then she tells me that she and Hades had to leave to meet Zeus.

"Somone will come for you." She assures following behind Hades who left without a word. I nod and wave her goodbye while deeply bothered by the subtle changes in Hades' behaviour.

It seems that Hades was avoiding me, but something tells me it was not because of a kiss and what Izumi told me was deeply unsettling. There must be only a handful of people who knew that he falls sick, and for him to use too much of his powers it may bring him harm, but why would he take such risks if this was true.

My heart almost stops as I suddenly take notice of the person sticking their face to the glass from the other side silently following me with ocean eyes.


"Elie!" He calls out loud with equal excitement, but already seem to have known that his voice couldn't pass through and smiling at my frown he points to something behind me and mouths, 'door.'

My brows crease when I don't find it, but then the light reflecting from a glass knob catches my eye and I give Will a thumbs up before jogging to it. And it was after a while of pushing and pulling and watching Will double over in laughter that I realised there was no glass wall for a meter in width to the right of the knob.

Keeping a straight face and my chin high I walk over to the bafoon of a friend who looks up to capture me to his chest in a soft embrace like he was fearful it would hurt if he holds me tig


The third floor of Lord Zeus' palace had walls of tinted glass to the east.

And a pair of amber eyes catching the light in a fiery glow of an eternal flame peers down to the gardens where a blue eyed man smiles down at a grinning mortal as she is enveloped in a hug of gentle arms.

Soon the man as if frightened frees her from his hold though he never stepped back from her touch.

But the mischief in her smile later tells him that he was too easy to fool and every muscle on his body looses its tension to the warm breeze and once again cage her in a tighter embrace seemingly in revenge to the iolite eyed mortal with a smile pure and free.

"What do you feel around these two?" The Lady of Love witnessing the same soft exchange doesn't move into the god' view as she takes her chance to ask.

His does not answer immediately and keeps a watchful gaze over the two, his gaze intent and serious - like a guardian statue. And it was as Lady Aphrodite lost all hope that he replies, the pause long enough for it to seem like a statement out of the blue than an answer.


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