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   Chapter 69 What the Cloak

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 6563

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"Don't touch my wife." My neck strained to see the one who made such an outright declaration. I could not shake off the feeling of Hades' lips against my cheeks stretching into a displeased frown. I immediately spotted the one responsible, the one who I had the absolute pleasure in getting to know. -__-.

"Lord Goat?" Hades' scowl smoothed out into a smile taking in my bewildered expression. Why is he here?

"Are you deaf? Take your hands off this King's wife." He bellowed outraged by our unresponsiveness. Hades had merely moved to tighten his hold and only spared him a fleeting look. My brain started to tick, and that never ended well.

Within the short time I met him, I don't think I married him. I am sure of it, but he seemed genuinely unhappy. And so if I am not his wife then…I pushed back by his chest, breaking off from Hades' embrace. "You are married?" I said in the saddest of tones and it appeared to have worked for the tip of my nose stung with pain from being bitten by a certain God.

"Fool." He huffed picking me and in slow paces started to walk away from a fuming goat. But very soon in silver battle armor and sword in hand, he appeared, blocking our path. His curved horns ignited into a darker and more intimidating shade of night, and the worn-out red ribbon tied to its end fluttered violently in the powerful aura his body exuded.

Hades finally acknowledged his presence in three words. "Aether, leave us." His words held an overwhelming air of dominance, and a bone-chilling sight was his amber eyes.

Aether Goat King did not stand down, his face turning ice-cold and arrogant. "I will, if you let my wife leave with me, " Hades responded in a warning growl, his knuckles whitening on the hilt of his sword "Who is your wife?"

It's not me, I wanted to deadpan, but I had a feeling that there is more to it which brought forth dangerous curiosity. From the looks of it, they know each other, there' a high possibility

he watched our intertwined hands which left a solemn resonance as he said. "Do you remember the cloak lent to you?" The image of the velvet cloak came to mind.

Don't tell me! Because I lost it, he wants me as the compensation? He had made it very clear that he was interested in me offering my soul to him. Is the marriage a mask to cover up his soul extracting plan.

I gripped Hades a little tighter wanting to let him know that it was time to run, but the following explanation stopped me. "That cloak was given to me by my mother Ananke and has accompanied me from the first day of my existence."

I realized I messed up. Really badly.

"One could say that it was symbolic of my power and my rule. My throne of a kind. Thus the only other being who will ever adorn it and with it, power would be this Prince's woman."

Why does he look dead serious? I thought of many ways to reply, tried to make the words sound polite, but. "You see Mr. Go...Aether, I lost your cloak." was my best.

"We kinda divorced."

I thought that we were in for a debate, but he only chuckles, one which sends a ghostly chill down my spine. "Why do you not believe me, dear wife. Is it due to the God of the Underworld? If so then this Prince wishes to ask you?"

"Do you want to know how Scarlett Airlea died?"

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