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   Chapter 68 Wife

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Semiconscious I felt something heavy brush down my forehead as I shifted. I tried to move it away still unwilling to wake up. When I frowned in irritation, cool fingertips relieved me of off them, which I later realized was my hair.

The familiarity of the touch suddenly made my mind clearer. Recalling a string of memories I sat up narrowly missing a sharp jaw which could have possibly left an inch deep scar.

I caught a glimpse of his dawn like eyes before the curtain of my hair closed giving me a broken view. My eyes narrowed in on the condition of the said hair. It downright looked as if it were chewed and spit out.

Falling down in unattractive coils resembling ropes, they wound upon one other. Through the black falls, I noticed his retrieving hands noticeably frustrated over where they were to rest. His leg brushed against mine as it broke the circle is formed around my curled up figure. I realized I must have rested my head over his chest and I prayed that I did not drool.

Keeping the hair as a shield I addressed the elephant in the room...forest. "Were you trying to braid my hair?"

Good going Elizabeth.

Watching his hands slightly tremble as though as if they were itching to continue their 'innovative' work on my hair answered my question when his mouth couldn't. I caught one of the so-called braided strand, careful not to reveal my face.

"You are very bad at it." It was the plain, cruel truth.

He examined one of his creations, his face dangerously drawing near. "I indeed am." He accepted it with a tone of disappointment. It gave me an excuse to forget what I desperately struggled to. "It sounds like you have an obse

is tongue rolled out startling words. "Can I hold you?" His face was wiped clean of emotions like a clean slate, only the ember in his eyes a warm flame. Was this the same Hades who apparently dragged my body along?

But what can I say, much in agreement with Goat guy I met before, I am indeed a shameless human. I nodded and then very slowly I was pulled over to his side. His chin rested on my shoulder and his hands formed a loop around me. I let my body go limp as he pressed me to his chest like a child' favorite soft toy.

Unconsciously my hand patted his back, the muscles loosening at each touch. Was he okay? I found myself thinking, the half-eaten fruit lying forgotten on the ground. Like a rabbit peeking out from it's a burrow, his face shifted to align with mine from where he lay nestled in my hair.

"Will you faint again?"

I did not get the time to understand what he meant when his lips cast their featherly touch over mine. The teasing strokes from end to end made me involuntarily tremble and I gasped only to hear a voice shouting.

"Don't touch my Wife!"

I have a husband??

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