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   Chapter 67 Take Responsibility

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 5641

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"One wrong step and she stumbled into a well, one that leads her straight into the heart of the Underworld, but she never knew one day it would belong to her."

They remained motionless, gazing at each other through the mirror-like waters. Her eyes lingered over his, his eyes a perfect mixture of the blue which painted the sky and ember, which burnt in the pits of the Underworld.

Her face dulled in sorrow. She feared that they would forever be separated; she feared that if she took a step forward she would fall.

But she did not know that as he gazed up at her; he saw the brightest star, a piece of heaven he wanted to worship.

And so, he reached out his hand up to the sky with the wish to hold her.

He could see the shock in her eyes as he pried off her arm making her stumble. The hand on her face pulled her body forward, guiding her to him. Her eyes shut close as the icy water met her skin, and her unwound locks swirled around like a hidden crown over her head.

He waited for her to open her Lolite eyes before his lips sealed hers with its warmth. He did not lower her so that their faces were on the same plane.

He held her above him, above his crown, his kingdom, his being. The God of The Underworld held the only woman he would ever kneel before, above life, and the life after.

Frozen she felt her body go numb as his lips pressed against hers and all things worldly and divine, paled facing the tenderness of his lips. The kiss to her felt like a truth revealed, a promise made, and so was it her torment and salvation.

When the last of the residual oxygen in her lungs escaped into the cold waters he gripped her waist and swam up letting her he

did. But she could never bring herself to withdraw. Like a moth drawn to the flame, she burnt under his lips.

All her life she believed a kiss was pushing skin squarely on each other nothing more. But Hades's kisses were wanting, they drew out the breath of life.

The kiss was different from the first. Nothing childish as he devoured her lips, it was raw and powerful, but still with the tenderness of lotus petals. It mended her broken soul and lend her a home if she wished to stay.

She planted her hands behind her to stop her from falling but flinched with the effort. His hand cupped her injured arm, the one with two missing fingers and lifted it to his heart protecting it from the strain. He left it there as if it held his heart while he bend over her like a roof, wishing to be the walls that would forever hold her captive.

He felt her heart dance to a fervent tune, relished the flame scorching of her cheek and the occasional shivers quivering her body as his hands ran along her defiant hair.

When his tongue grazed the scab of an old wound along the vermillion border of her lips she fainted.

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