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   Chapter 66 The Fall part 2

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 5422

Updated: 2018-11-14 22:51

The barrier broke letting us venture forward, but his hands never left.

We came upon a river, a slice perfect harmony amid the fragment leaves and we wade in. Carried in his arms my feet feel the welcoming kiss of coolness, and I was lowered over a mossy rock, a miniature island amid the currents of cold water.

He cupped the water lifting it up to my face. Water with a hint of red trickled down my neck, soaking my collar. My eyes reflexively closed when his hand brushed my cheek bone all the way the first line of my hair. He let the pearl-shaped drops trace the planes of my face taking with it the dirt and blood.

Standing half submerged in the shimmering river, the blood dried to his clothes mixed into the water forming crimson swirls which disappeared into minute tendrils as they progressed further. With ember eyes hiding away residues of frightening-rage and ebony hair patterned with damp fingers he looked like a painting from an artist touched with divine vision.

Like a dragonfly skimming over the water surface, his hands caressed my face like delicate art. Though these hands could be swifter and deadlier than a blade, the gentleness of these brush-like strokes, made me feel like a cherished child who was given the respect of an equal.

When we get out of this land where there is no sun to set nor a moon to light up the darkness I will remind you Lord of The Underworld. I love you.

Then probably make a run for it, again.

With this thought, a warm feeling like pleasant sunlight accumulated over my heavy heart and I found my will to smile.

With a jolt, the flurry of moments of

for the stray tear that dripped down, breaking the grand illusion of a mirror. Then we hovered right there, quite soundless for so long, simply feeling each other's presence.

The thin layer of water painted the well that severed worldly from the divine - our respective worlds, the very thing that brought us together.

To meet, one had to fly and the other, fall.

But the fall was into a world without an end. It was saddening, this reality.

A pale hand broke through to wrap around my hand that supported me and another caged the side of my face. Too fast for me to react, my hand was pried off its grip on the rough edges, my posture, in consequence, slumping forward with imbalance. Frozen with shock, my body was guided by the steady hand welded to my face, into the bone-chilling water instantly creeping past the layers of fabrics. The rustle of motion stopped, the water stilled with my unmoving limbs which gave up their struggle, their fear of drowning into the endless depths, with the warmth that cascaded my lips.

With, The one who could break my fall.

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