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   Chapter 65 The Fall part 1

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Nightmare after nightmare plagued my sleep from my first memory and each day flew by reminding myself they weren't real.

The me in the red robes lifted her sword which looked very similar to that of Hades'. With a sinister smile forming on her blood smeared lips, she lowered it in a wordless command. We shared the same face, one rich of confidence and other filled with terror.

Maybe Hades noticed my ashen complexion. Like a shield, he blocked her from my view remaining unfazed as hundreds of familiar faces marched up towards us like a monstrous tidal wave. Each of these faces I could put a name to, each someone I would never want to see hurt.

"Close your eyes, " Hades ordered, his voice wavered a little as his eyes met mine. I must have looked as horrible as I felt. "This.." my voice faint. Fear took up a fraction of my mind.

It was my a tailor-made nightmare, but Hades would be the one suffering. My head was given a fierce stimulation, and it suddenly began to hurt. In pain, my body trembled as if submerged in ice-cold water.

The chills became more severe as the fleet neared, the cloak the only thing keeping me from crumbling to the ground. In the frozen second between standoff and fighting, I see his eyes flick from mine and back, silent words of reassurance.

Like lightning, his body shifted his even hands bringing heavenly-wrath upon his enemies. One after the other small heaps of dead bodies fell outlining the path he walked through.

I should have closed my eyes I should have never watched their faces as the life extinguished from their eyes. There was no scream of pain, no war cry making it more eerie and frightening. Rivers of blood flowed everywhere. These people with their unreadable faces brought out a different kind of fear. Were they only figments this world created or the real once now used as puppets to fulfill a God's whim. Within the shell of overweighting guilt, my brain tried to suppress this thought.

I screamed my voice hoarse when six pairs of rough hands tried to seize him and I dared not look at their faces as Hades disappeared between their silhouette. The physical pain was almost forgotten as I tried to get free when more and more hands joined in, I have never felt this powerless, never felt so much guilt. The number of people holding his down increased, people pilling over one another forming a growing hill.

In every nightmare I lived, there was a part of me caged within my monstrous self. This part screamed into a void of nothingness knowing something was awfully wrong when my hands stained with fresh blood sought out new prey but was unable to make even a minute change. Hades had unknowingly set up the same synopsis as I struggled in vain. The feelings I felt now, were the same as that in every dream, only there wasn't a bright morning to wak


With half a smile I said. "I did."I found the strength to smirk despite being crushed under a tree trunk. "But death is my best friend." The sword dug deeper into her heart and from the confusion on Hades face I realized that it might have been my imagination or Izumi had spared me from Hades' wrath.

She burst into a string of coughs and Hades thrust the sword deeper bringing a swift end, which some would call, mercy.

Without another glance, he strode over and the next instant the weight burdening my back was lifted and so was I into a steel cage of muscles and warmth which soon melted away as he stepped back. The coldness shrouding his features faded away.

"Were you scared?" The distance in his tone did not go unnoticed and neither his aloof self.

Pieces of memory replayed in my mind telling me that Hades knew about my curse and had experienced one as well. He must have known what it would have done to me to go through it like this. I do not know how but I knew what he referred to was himself. He was afraid that he would remind me of myself-her.

My eyes wandered to the lifeless field, but the scene was immediately hidden away by his outstretched palm. Before I could explain he backed away examining his hands. He groaned fisting his hands in frustration the same time I noticed the wetness on my face.

I reached up a hand to feel the smeared blood and took a step forward as he took one back. Words didn't seem enough to make him understand as I limped closer to him. I rested my forehead on his collarbone waiting for him to move away and when he didn't my hands coiled around his strong back. I hugged him for a long time, not minding the blood, the dirt and reeking smell of death. I hugged him long enough for him to not doubt my declaration. "Sorry Hades, but you don't scare me." The rigidity of his shoulders eased and his arms welcomed me.

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