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   Chapter 64 Hopeless Again

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 6674

Updated: 2018-10-24 21:40

I finally fell asleep, my body too tired to keep up to my overthinking mind, a professional poker face was my mantra when I woke next to an unbelievably-flawless face of a childish God burrowed into my hair.

"Breath in energy and breath out all the tension." I nodded to myself inhaling long breaths.

I had continued that exercise, feeling thankful to my yoga teacher when I tried to gymnast-myself away. The effort was futile as it seemed like my hair was permanently-glued to his face. My, my, my you like my hair a lot, don't you? I was tempted to pinch him awake, my hands dangerously hovering over his bicep.

I then realized that he was no longer holding me. What is this disappointment I feel? His hands laid to his side fingers softly folded like a child's. A smile brightened my face, feeling oddly content. Embracing my hypocritical self, I wiggled an inch closer, pressing my forehead flat on his.

My fingers curled into the fabric of his clothes, not clasping it tightly, but just enough to reassure me that we were staying together in this strange place.

What is waiting for us when we wake up this time? What is this bad feeling I keep feeling, will it be the last trial? Why is it only my hair which resembles a bird's net and why does he look like he was just back from a shampoo commercial?

His eyelids moved slightly as if he had heard my silent complains of jealousy. Geez, I closed shut my eyes letting my body limp the moment his eyes opened. No movement came from the other side for a long while. Until I felt his head move back, the warmth of his forehead disappearing.

I nearly jumped awake when his soft hair brushed down my nose. The sensation so torturously ticklish that I almost lost it a couple of times when he repeated the action. The ends of his hair softer than silk teased the bridge of my nose like a feather. The tickles soon turned unbearable to the point when my face looked like an angry tomato. But I held on, on until I sneezed sitting up.

ed, I couldn't break free. "Speak for yourself." I shot back feeling his cloak winding around me, my arms failing to stop the knots from being made.

"I won't forgive you, " I warned in desperation when my mind clouded by pain finally came to realize the small things I had not noticed before. The accurate cuts on his cloak, the wilted tree, a foot away and his eyes flashing with cleverness much like lightning on a pitch black night.

Everything gave way to my imprisonment, his cloak I had grown to love binding me the old tree which rendered me helpless with only my head free to move. Even though I had struggled from the very beginning, he was careful of how the binding was secured, loosened at where it would hurt and tight where it needed to be to disable movement.

"Please." I cried, finding myself in a familiar situation. "We can run...Or just leave me! You can pass through the barrier even if I can't...." My words only echoed through the dead forest.

As if he had heard none of it he commanded. "Keep your eyes closed." His hand at the side of my face lingered a second longer before taking up his sword. I pretended not to hear channeling all my anger through my gaze, but it was of no use.

He turned his back to me, and I knew at the time both our eyes reflected the red-clad figure. My mirror image.

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