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   Chapter 63 The Golden-eyed Spider' Revenge

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"What was wrong with that mountain?" her sleepy voice whispered into my ears. Her legs swung back and forth playfully at my sides as I carried her like a backpack. Her eagerness to find answers was the only thing keeping her awake.

Her chin planted on my shoulder was like an axis when she turned her head around. Occasionally she would point at random directions and ask me to change my route while calling me a horse. I got to hear songs similar to one she threatened me with at the first day we met, which for a majority of time seemed inhuman to me, about a sheep offering a boy, wool in three sacks.

Sometimes she twisted my hair between her fingers, identical to the way I do with hers, tugging at it lightly whenever she felt I didn't pay attention though I could sense her every breath.

It felt as though I was raising a child.

I felt my body freeze when she bit on my neck. "Answer me already, " she complained. Stretching over my shoulder to observe my face she said She declared giving me her iconic narrowed-eyed-wide-smile.

"Don't look so shocked this is revenge."

The smile lost its touch of evil, becoming grimmer. "Hey!" She exclaimed irritated at my incompetence to react.

My legs moved again, my grip on her legs loosening to make her retreat back her head when her body was lowered to the ground and then lifted back up onto my back. "You aren't the only one who has acts of revenge to fulfill, " I remembered the unfamiliar-tingle which coursed through my body.

Were her lips very warm?

Elizabeth's POV.

What revenge? What did I do to him? And what did that soft cloak do? It confused me when I found it decorated with footprints.

"Answer me already." But I didn't make a move to harm him again fearing I would add more to his revenge list.

"Shouldn't you rest." There he goes again wanting me to rest all the time even though I told him I was okay.

"If you answer my questions I will rest." It reminded me of the time I had made the previous deal.

He sighed reciting a warning. "Remember your words." I nodded.

"A condemned soul must live in that land who must have met its death by falling off a cliff very much like the one we witnessed. These souls regardless of whether they are human's or beast, take great effort to let others meet the same fate thus keeping them away from entering the Underworld."

"A human's isn't as powerful to cause such a powerful phenomenon so it must have been a beast' or maybe even a Gods."

The last startled me, my fingers fiddling with his medallion. "Gods.. die?"

He did not take much time in answering. "Such incidents are rare." Hearing it, I almost ended up chocking him with his medallion. I let go, fisting my sweaty palms. "Can it happen here?"

He nodded.

Oh, I let the silence drag on for a minute before I brought out my next question. "You said you lost your immortality then...don't misunderstand, how did you." I took a breath not knowing how to put it into words. "That fall, it was very you know nothing happened which is a good thing. But how."

It should be a tough subject to talk about, but he didn't seem a least bothered."I did lose my immortality, and I can age."

I kept quiet, and thankfully he understood my silence for confusion. "Immortality means deathless or eternal, that's why humans are called mortals as one day they meet death." I wanted to look at his face, but he never looked back.

"But it seems losing my immortality makes me a mortal but not a human as no weapon nor person can kill me. Only time is my foe."

The last words brought back the image of the oracle whispering the lines.

And the beloved of merciless time, Shall take away a soul by crime.

I had always thought it was about my death, but now I wasn't so sure if it is. "Did you know that when you came here? Like did you know that you could heal as you could."


I was expecting it, but I didn't want it to be the answer to my next question. "At that cliff, did you know it then?"

His head bends forward by an inch, his face turning away to give me the view of his shadowed jaw. I could tell that he hesitated. "No."

I nodded my head for no reason muttering, " So you know that you were going to lose your immortality but didn't know what was going to happen to you, not even knowing whether you would turn into pixie dust." I started to sound like a mad person too many emotions jumbled into one in each word.

"And you let yourself fall off a cliff."

I took deep breaths. "Let me down." I wished he would do so without resisting because I knew that I was on the verge of a cringe-worthy mental breakdown.

But had to ask on letting me settle onto the mossy forest f

pain in my hand left me without an excuse to believe it wasn't real. He immediately raised his hand hovering it over my body but did not move away. "Does it hurt?"

"No" I found myself answering. My lips remained separated to form an 'o' when he placed the hand back down. "But what are you doing?"

His face embedded itself into my hair when I turned onto my back."Are you uncomfortable?" Why couldn't have he just answered rather than put forward a dilemma for me to solve?

If I said no will he think I did not like being close to him, and if I say yes will he think I like being close to him a little too much. I felt the world spinning. Thankfully he saved me from answering.

"You hugged me the same way when my body was that of a child." In a quick turn of events, my body was turned a full ninety degree to face him with one of his hand pillowing my head.

Maybe I felt grateful a little too early. "If I remember correctly, you didn't let me go even when I struggled." I felt myself dying from embarrassment from the way he said it.

"Oh.." he seemed to come to a sudden realization, his lips forming an innocent smile while his eyes gave away the wickedness. "You love soft things don't you?"

Yes, it's official he is trying to kill me.

"You wanted to..." I held up a hand in his face hiding away mine behind it before he could finish his next sentence. "You were a child!" I tried to reason.

But it turned out to be my reason for my future suffering me as you will see below. It was a trap, I tell you.

It seemed he had already known that I would have said what I just did. "I was a child only in body and not in soul, you still didn't let me go." He didn't waste his chance to poke me with the topic. "So there is no need for me to do so either." What sort of reason is that? It was clear that he was extorting revenge.

My hand fell back to my side when I charged unable to look at his amber eyes. "But I am not a child."

He had all explanations planned out, his voice indifferent as he says. "To a human, you may not be one but I have lived for a time. Like you once said I am old, you are an infant to me."

I can't believe this!! Every sentence I said is being used against me. Why in the world did I have to get myself caught in the web woven by this golden-eyed spider?

"Don't you agree?"

Hahaha, I could see the cunningness behind his orbs. If I don't agree it would mean that I could not use him being a child as an excuse. Which would be equal to admitting to all the accusations he made against me.

With a dry throat and a defeated mind, I nodded. Saying nothing further, Hades closed his eyes, a triumph smile finally breaking through his calm face.

In a last attempt to escape with an unscathed heart I said. "It isn't dark yet I will sleep later." What happened next convinced me that the world is a cruel place as the light gave away like a bulb being turned off.

In the darkness, the God's smile grew.

And through the entire night, I kept asking myself the same set of questions.

1. What is sleep?

2. How can a person fall asleep?

3. Why is he sleeping near me?!!?

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