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   Chapter 62 The secret is out

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I shifted in sleep feeling my body rock gently. It felt as if I was in a warm cradle squished safely between heavenly pillows.

Sleep, I commanded my body, but my mind was frustratingly becoming more aware of the surroundings. Stretching out, I left my uplifted arm touch something exceptionally soft it quickly woke me up. Scream that's what I wanted to do, but I was shocked into silence.

He had stopped in his track seeing me wake up and looked like he was contemplating his course of action regarding my fingers pressing his lips into a pout. The way he thought of was unusual as I felt his teeth graze the skin of fingers before drawing them in to give a painless bite.

Just as fast he let them go, with an equally unusual question. "Did you sleep well?"


What is there to be happy about? He tried to bite off a piece of my hand there is absolutely nothing romantic about it. I scolded my heart which with its loud beating had made me half deaf.

I finally lowered my hand which looked like someone was holding it by an invisible string.

He adjusted me in his hands so that my head now rested on his shoulder sideways". Did you sleep well?" he repeated his inquiry not knowing the effect his previous actions had on

I vigorously nodded my head, taking time to form meaningful words. "Yes, yes." Shaking my head silently, I looked away from his unparallel face. My gaze caught on the familiar strap over his shoulder. My bag!

"Where did you find it?" I asked surprised. If I am not wrong, I remember it falling off my shoulder along with his sword as I hiked down the hill. Wrapping my hands around his neck I searched for his sword, and there it was perfectly fine in its sheath.

His gaze moved from me and his sword. "I went back to find it." Who knew how long I slept after crying myself to sleep, but the happiness I felt on discovering that my backpack was safe, vanished.

On noticing my crestfallen expression, he casually answered the unvoiced question. "No, I didn't leave you alone." An unutterable light shone in his eyes.

Oh, oh so he carried me all the way. With a silly smile, I commented. "It must have been hard to do." He stopped, I looked up at him to check if there was something wrong.

But I felt myself shrinking back on seeing the evil look he had on for a fraction of a moment before changing back to his usual. "You were reluctant to let go, therefore it wasn't difficult."

Such a small line and an infinite amount of thoughts clouded my mind. There was this striking image of me clinging to Hades on all four limbs, like a panda while he irritatedly bends down to pick up his sword that reached the first position of this is what must have happened list.

"Haha..ha..ha...I sure like soft things." I tried to move the blame.

The light highlighted his lips to an envious shade of cherry red as a wicked smile formed. "I know." The moment I knew this guy was pure evil as he intentionally said it with sarcasm.

Wanting to cover my face I lifted up both my hands, only to hover them over my face when seeing the injuries sate. Hades must have tried his best to redo it, but I could see I could see the signs of infection.

"I did not know what to do." His sudden confession took me by surprise. "The herbs in your bag, they can help you." it sounded like an order but had an underlying question.

I realized that he was worried, worried enough to go back to that dreadful place to retrieve my bag. "Of cou

up at me. From her eyes, it was clear that she misunderstood, and it made me want to clarify. "Don't exert yourself I will do it for you."

Her replying smile was warm, and she pointed at the herbs tied up together with a blue string. "That's for flesh wounds, and I don't think there are any broken bones." She swayed back when she finished, but I was quick to loop an arm around her. I felt it wasn't safe to let her sit without her back supported.

"Make a paste and apply let it dry and then you will have a bandaged wound." she giggled making me wonder whether she had injured her head as well. Though hazy and slow she guided me through making the medicines. It felt harder every time a new injury or old scars were revealed not to vent my anger on the nearby trees.

"And this?" I pointed at the trench-like cleave on her left thigh while the other through the torn pant told a story with healed scars.

She wiped away the sweat lining her head, the painkillers effect pacifying.

With tenderness, I pressed against the side, but this time her shoulders went rigid in pain. "That's a funny one. I was running, and I slipped landing on your sword attached to my bag. Thinking of it, that must be when I lost it to." she carelessly announced.

My head dropped resting on her upturned knee, feeling time after time helpless before this foolish child. Her tear stained face came up in my mind, my then half open eyes not missing the pain and sorrow she felt as he dragged me away with the strength of her small limbs.

I had wanted to wake up, but my body hadn't been mine to command after the injury. The mortal pain I felt couldn't be compared...

"Now it's my chance." She declared in an energetic voice when I was about to finish dressing. I looked up realizing I had to keep my part of the bargain.

But her childish-smile disappeared when she slumped forward holding her stomach. Like a natural reflex, I moved closer rubbing her back. "Where does it hurt?" I commanded.

I was doubtful when she said all the wounds would be okay after they scab off. "Tell me!"

"I am hungry."

I clearly heard each word but still asked. "What?"

She rubbed her tummy, my brows twitching when she rubbed over the new bandages of clothes. "I am hungry."

I banged my forehead against hers earning an "oww."

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