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   Chapter 61 No self sacrificing Thoughts

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 12591

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"Who was that guy?" If I didn't know that Hades' father was in Tartarus, I would have mistaken the Mr. Goat for him, even though they looked nothing alike.

They talk in different ways, but the feeling the two gave off felt similar, but at the same time different.

I laid back into the soft cloak, forgetting for a moment where I was. Finally encouraging my tired body to get up, I set out to find shelter. But when has this been were done peacefully?

The ground suddenly began to shake and out of the experience, I quickened my steps so that the earth doesn't decide to swallow me like it always does. But later I realized that it wasn't the case, it was much worse.

A massive earthquake that's what it was, trees got uprooted as the ground shifted like plates some overlapping the other. In a puzzle like surrounding, I could hardly stand. Like a log, I rolled backward as a part the earth lifted up. I managed to get up on my feet, but the terrain steadily raised making the once level forest floor into a hill. When I planned to run the other way, slabs of rectangular rocks shot out from the ground. For a second I stood wondering what was happening but quickly took off running when the same rocks emerged right under me throwing me down. I crawled on all flour to avoid the rows of these rocks suddenly surfacing from the hard ground. Through they looked like rocked their rough edges were sharper than daggers.

I realized that I was being made to retreat to the top of the newly formed hill. There was nothing I could do about it if I stopped moving, I would be squished between parallel rocks, the sideway exists were also blocked in a similar manner. Turning onto my front, I got up nearly getting overthrown again.

The whole thing seemed to be a trap carefully planned out as it didn't seem to me before that the peak was so near that suddenly there was no more ground left step. My body swayed, internally screaming as I faced a steep cliff. The fall was thrice the length of the hill I just scaled, deepening to the level the earth's crust had been moved to form the said hill.

Just when my body swaggered with no way back out I felt a force from my side throwing me down safely onto the ground. I grabbed the strong hand engaging me when I came face to face with the God of the underworld.

"Hades, " I said with a hard to hide smile.

He wanted to smile back, but couldn't as like always his sense of danger was accurate. I found myself dangled in air for he threw me simultaneous to emerging of sharp rocks from beneath. At the same time he dodged, his eyes never losing contact with mine. My sigh of relief was short-lived when another wave came, Hades reached his hand out to me and before I could reach it, the ground crumbled and his figure suddenly shortened. In that scary moment, the rocks suddenly declined back and I fell onto my stomach. I crawled and nearly failed to grab his hand.

When my grip tightened, I was pulled along with his weight that I balanced on the edge. "Hold on, " I said trying to pull him up, but only ended up moving further up. The upper part of my torso was already dangling along with him. My heart soared to my throat as I felt myself slipping.

My face drained of color when I saw the unnatural spear-like spikes protruding at the base of the clif awaiting us.

I realized what was about to happen but little did I know that he had realized the same, a long time ago.

Hades despite the scenario looked collected, but I could see through the storm brewing in his amber eyes.

"Hey, hey no self-sacrificing thoughts." Tears fell, finding home in his lashes, my heart grew frightened when I saw the resolution in the orbs hidden behind them. "See that crack. If you move your leg there, you

ore raindrops fell from the starless sky. The rain which I had always loved, for once wished it would come another day for it stung when it came in contact with the numerous cut on my body.

"Doesn't it hurt?" he asked frustrated as he weakly tried to lift his arm. I kept quite sneakily checking whether it hurt him the same way. It came as a

Relief that most of the wounds had fully healed, but I felt equally frustrated when he tried to get up despite how pained he looked while doing so.

Seeing this I was forced to answer. "Hades, it doesn't hurt just leave me be." But he kept to ignoring me and forced himself onto his knees. I weakly tried to dodge his hands as I curled up. It didn't stop him from picking me up, his strength all but weak, as I found myself caged within a familiar set of hands.

My hands placed on his chest weakly tried to push him away. "Elia, it pains." my hands dropped as soon as the words left his mouth. I looked up feeling guilty but wanted to scold myself when I saw him smiling pleased with himself.

"I hate you." I lied making him tighten his grip. His step slowly became steady no longer as slow as before. His head was drooped over my face, sparing only sideways glances at the path ahead.

His jaws clenched tightly, lips pressed into a thin line, his eyes shone with an infinite amount of feelings and I found myself lost in their sorrow. He could have just held on. The rain intensified and he gave up on finding solid shelter and settled us both under a tree.

With a quick moment of his hands, he lifted me up and pressed me to his chest while I sat on his lap. Shifting a little he bend over, resting his chin on the back of my head which was buried into the fabrics of his top. I felt the surroundings become dark as he adjusts his dark cloak over my back.

Surprisingly the world became warm again under the chilly rain. "We will treat your wounds as soon as the downpour soothes."

I only nodded, but I didn't care about the treatment. "You are never going to do that again, " I whispered, and felt dispirited when he didn't reply.

"Rest, " he ordered instead. At that moment the arms squeezed a fraction tighter.

I buried myself in further whispering, "Please don't scare me like that."

I felt his head shift to my shoulder. "I can not make that promise." Making a fist I thumped his chest, the force so small that it didn't even make a sound. My hands flattened when he wrapped his hands around me pulling me closer.

"Forgive me."

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