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   Chapter 60 Shameless Human!!

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 9348

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"What are you doing human?"

My balloon of hope deflated when the unfamiliar voice asked again. I sensed him mover closer, but I didn't move.

"What are you doing?" he asked again in the same neutral tone, but the way he asked was very persuasive that I blew my cover by opening my mouth. "Playing dead." I sincerely answered.

I heard a lows sigh and then nothing. Expecting the stranger to have left I rolled onto my back receiving a shock of a lifetime, A pair of pitch-black eyes flashed with an expression that looked disdainfully down at the world. He had bright eyes and white teeth, with lips like dark red cinnabar. The outline of his jaw was sharp and ice-cold.

He wore a purple robe. And as a faint wind brushed by, and the tassels on the jade belt danced lightly. He took graceful-steps as he came closer, every movement of his was a prominent display of extreme elegance without losing a bit of his domineering aura.

The most striking feature was his the horns that emerged from within the inky dark hair behind his ear. It branched an inch from his head like an extravagant crown. A thin scarlet ribbon tied to the sharp end.

At first glance, it looked like wood, but with closer examination, one could realize that they weren't fake. It was similar antlers of male dears, only darker and broader.

A beautiful person, a beautiful person with horns. All the more reason to run, run far far away.

Supporting myself with the sword, I stood up in a disorderly manner. "I will be going now, " was the only thing that I could come up with to say.

"Why are you in a hurry?" He tilted his head looking at me from head to toe.

Why? The scratch marks, the blood, the torn clothes, the I just escaped from death look and my hair which was a perfect example of an abstract painting did not seem to make it clear enough for him. But I said none of it because no matter how I tried, I couldn't figure out if he was an enemy or a friend.

Maybe it was because he considered me as none of the both, but as an insignificant droplet in the vast ocean. I was relieved due to the fact and pressed again on the matter of taking my leave.

"There is someone that I am looking for." I tried to sound respectful for he was like Hades. The type to bring havoc with a passive wave of a hand.

"Is it the God of the Underworld that you are looking for?" He smiled, but at the same time, it wasn't a smile.

With a single line he had captured my full attention, and I abandoned my project running. "How do you know him, do you know where he is?" I sounded desperate regretting that I left him alone. The decision simply felt stupid now, that I didn't know where or how he was. I hadn't planned that far at that moment.

He nodded thoughtfully, "This Prince indeed knows where he is

hing flew into my face and rendered me blind. Struggling to take it off, I rolled around in the ground.

When my head finally popped up, I looked at the black cloak I held. Embroidered in white on the outer side it was light, unlike its heavy appearance. I looked up questioningly, but he had already turned his face away to look far into the forest.

"It was you who decided to follow this Prince, but you seem incapable." They were words of mockery, but they lacked heart.

I was about to refute his proclamation, but his face seemed to magnify, only after the impact of his forehead with mine did I realize what was going on. Rubbing the side of my head with a painful groan, I complained. "Why did you do that?"

He straightened up smoothing out the nonexisting crease on his elegant robe. "It was an act of kindness, " He said matter of factly. Upon seeing my puzzled expression, he went on to explain. "Isn't this what you humans call nowadays, knock sense into someone. As you are in desperate need of it I... helped you, " he said self righteously, for the first time to his astonishment as well as mine, referring to himself as I.

It took me two seconds and a half to fully grasp the meaning and less than a second to start laughing. I fell back in a burst of laughter, the cloak enveloping me in its softness.

He watched silently muttering. "There seems to be no effect. "When I finally stopped he took a moment to access my state and then said. "Alas, it is time for this Prince to leave." His gaze fell on the dense forest behind me as if seeing off afar.

It surprised me that I wanted to protest, but managed to keep my mouth shut and give a light nod. "The wolves have been taken care off, it will be only a matter of time he finds you. We shall meet again, the doctor of the Underworld" were his departing words and my strand of hope.

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