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   Chapter 59 The classic Chase

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Light finally penetrated through the thick green, my eyes drooping. My head raised by my elbow swayed back and forth. Through blinking eyelids, I saw a pair of amber orbs flash open.

Smiling sleepily, I said. "Good morning."

He seemed to like a different way of greeting, for he knocked his forehead with mine, effectively making me fall onto my back. "Ow, what did you do that for?" I asked trying to get up.

He was evidently in a mad mood as he pulled on the fabric binding our wrists so that I would fall back down. I wanted to ask what was wrong but he covered my eyes with his little palms. Just as he removed it, I reopened my eyes, a frown setting in on his face.

He attempted to cover my eyes again, letting them stay a little longer before taking them away, but I opened my eyes again making him sigh.

I finally understood what he wanted to do he just wanted me to sleep realizing that I hadn't slept the previous night.

We continued this routine, and each time to his frustration I kept reopening my eyes. It reached a point where he wanted to spit fire due to fury.

Before he could decide to strangle me to rest, I obediently closed my eyes. He lightly touched my eyelids, lacking trust in me, I rolled my eyes internally this guy is too overbearing.

Maybe I should rest, maybe, maybe for my health and from fear of the intense gaze observing me.

Seems like his glares have still conserved their original strength. His flawless face appeared out of the blue, with such clarity that I doubted whether it was painted onto the back of my eyelids. I opened my eyes unintentionally to drive the image which drove my heart into a mess away and waved my hands before my face as if it would erase it.

A poke on my cheek made me instantly go back to 'sleep. I swear that I will get him back to his previous self because this one is too scary. I forcefully evened out my breaths giving one the illusion that I had fallen asleep and stayed the same until I ran out of patience.

"I can't do it anymore." I sat up complaining and what can I say I laid back down when his lips thinned into a stern line. I didn't attempt to act and kept my eyes wide open and when he narrowed his eye I defended myself. "Come on this is also resting......I am not that fragile."

He only supported his chin by his elbow, sitting crosslegged and showed no signs of approval, THIS IS SIMPLY BULLYING.

I huffed and puffed and even pulled out puppy eyes, but the cold-hearted God stayed unresponsive. Just when I was about to give up, he moved. I was surprised when he tightened the knot on his wrist and then mine and soundlessly curled up beside me like an angry cat with his back facing me.

Like every other time, I surrendered under his cuteness. Of course, he figured out that I was scared, scared that he would run away the moment I let down my guard. I wrapped an arm around him and I laughed when he stiffened. "You are soft, like a cat." I joked.

At this time I had no idea about the calamity I had brought upon myself from such a small sentence in the future.

Tilting his body a little, his hand moved towards my face, I shrunk away fearing that he wanted revenge, but was surprised when he grabbed my hair and spread it over the ground, resting his head over it shortly after.

I raised an eyebrow at how comfortable he looked. Was this a way of keeping me still with my neck now disabled from moving? A little later, I nodded off to sleep waking up hours later when a screeching sound split my eardrums. I jumped up and so did Hades, so much for a peaceful vacation.

We looked at each other in silent unde

e path and crosses the area of influence of the tree of memory.

I had purposefully not looked at him while he fell, afraid of what I would see through those eyes. Anger? Heartbreak? Sadness? I shook off my mind of the thought, praying that he did not decide to follow and focused on squeezing out the last bit of strength of my legs. The plan was working well, awfully well.

Dodging between trees was a difficult task to undertake, but it was important to shake them off my track. I heaved a sigh when I saw that there were only two wolves left in pursuit.

But it turned out that they were clever creatures as a wolf jumped out from the side cutting off my path. Taking merely a second, I turned on a different route finding it hard to break to outrun the wolf chasing close behind me.

My body bend forward with the sudden impact on my back, my chin struck the ground with a burning thud which would surely leave a mark.

I got up with a quick backward glance at the wolf latchhing onto my backpack on all fours.

With a broken heart, I dropped it and ran clutching the sword close to my side and pointed the pointy edge away just in case my bad luck decided to act out.

And it did, when the other two whom I had long forgotten about jumped from either side. My attempt to run past between them failed, leaving me trapped between the three.

I held fast to the hilt, the shiny teeth reflecting on the blades surface. I whirled when one pounced from my side, leading me to end up on the ground and it on top of me. The claws dug in through my clothes as it tried to break my neck in two, I held up the sword as a barrier, and out of my peripheral view I saw another advance to attack my abdomen, A bite like that would certainly narrow down the chances of my survival. Not taking my eyes off the fangs dripping saliva onto my face, I kicked around in order to keep the others away.

The stomach contracted expecting the pain any moment. But suddenly, the wolf on top of me went still its ears silencing attentively. It threw its head back and let out a blaring howl. Two more howls sounded successively reminding me of soap opera.

And......and they ran away. Ran away? "-__-"

I sat up, scratching my head, more confused than relieved. Where did they go?

The leafs rustled and out of instincts, I laid back onto the ground, closing my eyes. So stupid.

"What are you doing?" A deep voice asked.

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