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   Chapter 58 What If I Don't Know You Anymore

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 13135

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About the tricking him into thinking I was sleeping part didn't go as planned as I woke up to a three foot seething God who took joy in scolding me soundlessly, time to time pointing at my eyes, specifically the skin below it.

I smiled innocently pulling him down to sitting position he seemed surprised at how helpless he was, soon turning into a full-fledged shock. He stared wide-eyed at me leaving me panicked because I had no idea how to console the god of the underworld who lost his powers and turned into an adorable child. Well, cause it's not a usual experience teenagers go through.

"It's okay it's okay." He retained his unreadable expression, but I could tell that he was angry at me. Only if I hadn't forcefully pulled him down, the next one minute passed with me screaming in high pitch in different voices.

"All hail, Hades."

"The just and dignified ruler."

"All hail the God of the Underworld who with his undiscriminating gaze brings down judgment."

"All hail, all hail, " I whispered extra slowly till the expression cracked revealing a soft smile, making me fall short on words.

Running his small hand cleanly through my frisked hair, he turned and disappeared through the entrance of the burrow. My mind rotated into all dimensions trying to figure out how his smile still affected me, for a moment his old face mirroring through the current.

I limped out and with his help with rebandaging, which took more time than before as some of it stuck stubbornly to the skin. The condition of my leg looked much better, but I knew that there was nothing I could do about my fingers. With a little of innovation to the original ingredients, I made a paste which could replenish the blood lost, probably.

Tightly holding his hand, I looked back in the direction we had come, praying that none of the creatures are in the mood to jump out and scare people. His sword clanked from where it hung from my bag with the bowl in it.

The fact that the magical bowl was a gift from Demeter kept Hades on edge every time he saw it. I remember the day I was hungry to the point of falling unconscious, that day I forced to use it for the first time. If Demeter made such an extensive plan then would it be to poison me, even though she had numerous options with the abundant amount of food I eat back home? I recalled the images I saw from Olympus which frustrated me because Demeter sincerely looked innocent and a little different from the person I met.

My body arched to one side, realizing that my leg was going to get further, I deviated the fall, making my body fall onto my back. I had no time to feel relieved as I got up searching for Hades. He had suddenly pulled free of my hand which had left me unbalanced, and the next second he goes missing.

"Hades." no answering call came, I told myself that it was because he couldn't speak. Where did he go? My head wiped from side to side dread has my stomach locked up tight, nothing getting in or out.

Finally, my eyes landed on a fleeing violet figure I didn't wait to think twice before limping over. His small back was facing away, rigid tensed shoulders under the thick fabrics. I hugged him from behind, the child did not seem fazed by my sudden appearance and instead opened his hands. The colorful wings a butterfly fluttered as soon as it realized the cage of his fingers broke. The boy watched in wonder as the butterfly flew with its membranous wings, quickly blending into the air.

His name caught short on my tongue as he finally looked up at me, his gaze seeming to have lost their sharpness. The child I did not know no matter how similar he looked pointed at the direction the butterfly had flown in excitement. My grip on him tightened, "Hades." Something cleared in those eyes like fog in the presence of sunlight, the carefree look getting displaced by concern.

He poked my face in question. I shook my head maybe I was o


I blocked his path by bringing him down with me, he trashed and turned, but I held on. The bandages came undone, my teeth sinking into my lip to stop myself from screaming. I kept him down with my weight, tempted by the idea to sit on him.

The struggle finally stopped, but I did not loosen my grip.

After a moment of stillness, he tilted his head back brows drawing up together and his lips pressed in a thin line. Never have I seen an expression as beautiful as this.

It was then that I started to cry, holding the confused boy in my arm. He pulled back from my embrace taking in my disheveled self. He became distressed when I couldn't stop crying even though I wanted to. Through the blurry layer of tears, I could see his face close to mine, his small hands doing their best to wipe away the tears one after the other.

When I closed the salty dam, he wanted to know what happened and I tried to explain the episode in the most casual way I could, never letting go of his thin wrist. He didn't seem to remember any of it, making me only feel more anxious.

We should have tried to get out, but he insisted that I rest causing a ruckus over my current state. The last of the bandages were used up, while I wished that they would last. Every time his eyes came upon mine, they held guilt and regret. We sat there for a long while, the small boy sitting cross-legged with eyes of vigilance, daring me to make a move. I had almost grown accustomed to the time frame of this world, and I knew that it was almost timed for lights out.

It took all my energy to convince him of the matter and find shelter. Like last night, we were lucky to find a similar set of hollow trees. The creature which used to use it as home must be in higher population in the region we are in.

"you can sleep, " I told him and it wasn't surprising when he acted like he hadn't heard me as he did not react. I pulled at the cloth tied between both our wrists, effectively bringing him down onto the ground. I wrapped an arm around him in the dark, smiling when he went stiff.

After a minute or so, I felt his hand trying to wrap around my waist, but it was too short to fully go over it. I almost laughed when he quenched his pride by hugging my neck instead.

When I was sure that he had fallen asleep, I tried to free my hair which he decided to use as a pillow but stopped when he shifted him his sleep. I wrapped my body around him like a shield, feeling strange how it was usually him in my place. I closed eyes, putting away a thought to the back of my mind.

What if one day he would forget all about me?

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