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   Chapter 55 The Tree of Memory

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 14336

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"Why do you want me to come to the Underworld? And do you know anything about Grace? How is she?" I asked, remembering her big brown eyes.

"She is okay, and how do you know her?" My forehead started to sweat as I realized I had made a huge-blunder.

But being nervous would only make him more suspicious, "It's a secret I would not like to reveal, and I would appreciate it if you respect my opinion and I assure you I mean you no harm." I said looking confident, as confident as a person playing with her fingers while being drenched in sweat would look like at the moment.

And but what can I say I must be a great actor cause he bought it. "Then follow me." He said in autotune. A portal of dark greyish clouds appeared, making me hesitant because the last one I had gone through didn't turn out well. Regardless of what I felt, I stepped in. "When did you change your color?" He didn't seem to have understood for he waited for me explain with a raised eyebrow.

"I thought blue was your signature color, but the portal is grey, " I explained immediately, only a little later remembering that I should not know him, but surprisingly he let it be like I hadn't said a word. Maybe he took what I said too seriously.

When stepping out through the other side, a feeling of nostalgia left me speechless as I once again gazed upon the beautiful palace. "Not many get an opportunity to come here before their deaths." Will stated breaking down the spell.

Once again, I felt awful. "I guess so." I looked around as we walked taking notice of the increase in guards. I stopped in my tracks as a fleeing white figure passed by the corridor. Apollo must have come to see Grace, but if he were to see me, he might suspect me for my special-blood. So I intentionally slowed my pace as I returned to walk and when I reached the place, he was already gone, preferably returned to Olympus.

When the broad-doorway came into view, I prepared myself for the internal blow I was about to take. Will pushed it open after the soldiers gave me a meaningful glare. Somethings never change.

Without the sparsest creak, the door opened wide and laid ruin to my incorrigible heart.

Her beautiful grey eyes rose from behind his shoulder, brown hair flowing down in waves as her slim hands intertwined ideally outlining his back, his head buried into her shoulder. In no way did she look thirty with her blushing cheeks and the sweet smile she gave me, her face healed of the coiling marks. The enchanting medieval gown she wore brought out the golden streaks in her bronze hair.

"You are the one who saved me?" she asked in her clean voice, trying to break free from his grasp which only made him tenaciously tighten his grip, snuggling closer to her neck.

I nodded, trying hard not to show my feelings on my face. "Thank you so much for saving my life, " she said with sincerity. With a quick look down my dress, she added. "And I am sorry about your clothes."

"It's okay, I was planning on tearing it off anyways, haha." Never did my eyes left the ruffled up hair, not showing the slightest movement in turning my way.

"Are you feeling okay love, you look pale." It felt like a piece of breadcrumb offered to someone starving for days.

And I made use of it, "Yes, I don't feel very good." I pinched the bridge of my nose, keeping my face blank. "Can you maybe, arrange a way for me to go back?"

"Yes, yes, of course." She replied graciously making it more difficult for me to not like her. "After all, I have a life depth to repay." She once again tried to get up, but he held on never glancing backward. I looked away for once, "Its okay. I will ask William you should rest." Without waiting for her to reply, I ran out of the room keeping my head clear of thoughts. I didn't seek out Will instead walked and walked through the endless maze of a castle.

As my legs grew tired, my mind surprisingly cleared up. It was quite strange how Hades never turned back for it was very unlike him to be disrespectful, but I could neither rule out the possibility that he may be different from the Hades I knew from the future.

The only thing I was very much sure of was that this wasn't a natural phenomenon and that there was someone behind it. Keeping this thought in mind, I willing

d back home, I decided to have friends and talk to people more and fear from loving them. But..but. it still hurts." Even though the thin film of tears, his eyes still shined in undiminishable gold.

My eyes closed as he leaned his head down to mine. He didn't say anything, and the silence as he held me was more comforting than the most flowery words of consolation.

"Hades, I don't know the parts you saw" his brows furrowed. "But I am sorry if I...." A finger was placed against my lips, his pressed lips indicating that he wasn't liking it.

"You talk too much." he effectively silenced me. Though how rude he sounded, it made me happy.

He squished my cheek like once before commenting, "What a stupid smile." I still smiled making my face look weird at a disfigured angle. I rubbed the sides of my face when he let go.

"How did you get out?" I asked with curiosity.

It must be my imagination but his face grew dark, "I found a way."

"Oh, " He seemed to want to avoid the topic but I ended up asking. "Can we get out the same way?"

"No." he yelled, his eyes turning molten, they reverted back to their original color as he sinks onto the bed. "If we stay undetected, we can lure out the author of the illusions."

"So we are going to stay here?" I asked, finding it odd.

"Yes, " he replied, resting one hand over his eyes. I watched him for sometimes, rethinking all the things that have happened.

"Thank you, " I muttered.



A glare was thrown my way before his eyes fluttered shut.

As the minutes passed, it was surprising that he fell asleep with his breaths evening as I stared at the door expecting a tree demon to burst in any moment with fluorescent light coming out of its bark and an ugly case of fungus. I kept watch, before falling back to bed myself.

I laid at the farthest end of the bed, well away from the sleeping God. He turned onto my side making me lose concentration on the roof. He was still sleeping, and I found myself subconsciously admiring his features. But a frown formed on my face as he turned to the other side.

I waited for two minutes for him to turn back, but he didn't so I had to take action. Careful not to move the bed shift, I lifted myself over him in order to see his face from the other end of the bed.

My plan met an epic fail, as the muscles of his cheeks moved. Ember eyes looking at me sideways as I hovered over with one leg and hand on his either sides.

As I balanced over him in my spider pose, he questioned, "What are you doing." his tone did justice to the amusement he didn't try to hide. My limbs trembled for no reason and there was a lot of red warning signals ringing in my head. And what can I say? I ended up making worse.

"You should remember that I have feelings for you and be more careful or I might take advantage of you."

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