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   Chapter 54 The Past

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 8632

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Elia's POV

"Hello?" I inquired in stupidity, my mind occupied by the fact that he pushed me. Who cares if he wanted to save me? When those creepy dark hands tried to pull me into a portal, I let them in the hopes of obtaining revenge by pushing him when we met.

That's what I told myself in a feeble attempt to hide away from the truth that I was pathetically in love, finding it rather hard to stay away from him. And that golden-eyed God just happened to announce that he lost his immortality as if it was the most natural thing to say.

When I woke up with my injuries magically healed, wearing a gown which I kept tripping over, wandering through halls too old for even museums existing in the twenty-first century, I panicked including yelling and talking to myself scenarios.

I lifted up the gown to my knees, tying it into a ball at the front leaving a massive trail behind, "Can I cut this off?" Here I go again. I was tempted to use the classic I am going to sit here till someone comes to save me strategy, but the place beckoned me ahead like bacon for breakfast.

As I walked, a light caught my eyes making me increase my pace as I headed to the familiar silhouette only to slow down as I neared.

Crouching on the cold ground, he held a woman close to his heart, his hand gently patting her bloody face. I do not how, but I knew who she was.

He cradled her in his chest, her head limply falling back. "Please, " he whispered over and over, growing vulnerable with each word uttered, but her chest no longer moved with a fluttering beat.

"Hades, " I reached out my hand, but he didn't answer vanishing in a cloud of black, my hand coming up empty. Have I traveled to the past to a time I was never born into? For an answer, the room whirled, making me relive the sensation of being on a roller coaster.

When it stopped, I found myself in the great hall of judgment, hundreds of sword lined quietly at one end and the imposing throne on the other. "She has passed." A familiar chilly voice said, and sure enough, Izumi bend over a woman covered in dried blood, his hands slowly closing her half-open eyelids.

"Can you bring her back?" came another from upon the throne with the calmness before a storm. Hades wore a dark expression, one scarier than an angered dragon, sending the souls lined to scurry in fear.

"Lord that is well out of my hands, " Izumi replied gravely. Hades' cloak fluttered like a black raven as he descended the stairs, a staff appearing in his hand. "Lord Hades, where are you going?"

"She has put forward a challenge, and

te a new future, one I feared I would never get used to.

"Lady are you alright?" I did not respond. "Are you alright?" I finally looked up from my hands, mouth hung open and eyes bulging. I darted up like a compressed spring. "Sorry Will, I was thinking of how my name isn't Lady and thought that you were calling out for someone else, but then I remembered that I was a Lady." I blabbered foolishly.

His eyes narrowed, that is when I remembered that he didn't know me. "How do you know my name?"

I faked a laugh, sounding like a dying hyena. "Your name is Will? I mistook you for my friend who looks just like you and has the same name. Haha, what a coincidence right?"

"Ohh."His eyes ran all over the roof and floor, never landing on me. I giggled finally looking down at my clothes tied up, a little above my knees, I forgot how far in the past I was. Realizing that I had noticed his face turned beet red.

"Relax, " I undid his sword taking advantage of his flustered self. With his sword, I sliced off a portion of my gown letting it fall to my knees.

A long time after I handed it back, Will recovered, "Are you human?" Memories flooded back in waves of the first time I had accidentally landed in the Underworld. I couldn't bring myself to answer, making the blue eyes fill with worry. "What do I look like?" I barely made out.

He brought his hand to his chin, appearing to have a hard time in trying to figure what I was. The vein in my forehead pulsed, in the past or the future he never seemed to have failed in getting on my nerve. "Ah, I almost forgot, you have been invited to the Underworld by our Lord would you please accompany us.

This, why? How have I ended up in this cruel game?

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