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   Chapter 53 The curse

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 11322

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Hades PoV.

It's been minutes since she talked, curling over in the corner, not moving an inch after I refused to go into details of losing my immortality. "What have you done?" she had asked affirming that this wasn't going to settle in well with her. Imitating her, I pulled at the hem of her tattered top, but she scooted a little away keeping her eyes shut.

"What?" she finally asked, eyes still closed shut. I pressed my lips in a thin line, scooping her up into my arms. I never expected her to cooperate so I wasn't surprised when she pulled down on my ear.

I shook my head, freeing myself from her hold. Having no strength to fight she settled with sticking out her tongue in a disrespectful way. Ignoring her childish antics I carried her to the fire I built. She looked up at me with dread, and even when guessing I knew she was thinking about the possibility of me throwing her into it.

Her hand suddenly gripped my sleeves and by the time I look down, she went limp in my hands. For a moment, I just stared at her confused by the lifelessness in her body. She wasn't acting nor sleeping, her soul had detached itself from her body by force.

I groaned finding myself weakening, too late for I had let my guard down. I dropped down on one knee slowly placing her body on the ground before slumping down lifeless myself.

I woke to a void of darkness, the only light provided by my soul. Unsheathing my sword I searched for another with an aura of violet, white and black.

"I can do this." a determined voice came. A dancing white flame appeared far of in the distance.

My eyes in slits as I strode over, standing on one leg with hand stretched out she swayed, her auro sweeping out like a flame. Her mind solely concentrated on stability, wholly disregarding the darkness surrounding her but with disapproval of the situation she found herself in.

Taking a deep breath, she hopped around in circles not making any progress. Her vibrant orbs finally locked in my direction.

"Hades, " She called, smiling like I she had found light and not hell itself.

"Come over, " I demanded, but my feet already marched onward, my hand reflexively reaching out to support her weight, her response to it was unlike the boy like behavior she adorned. Drowsy lilac eyes peered up at me from my side, the defiance showing.

Pressing the tip of her nose into my cloak, it appears she was balancing on the boundary between sleep and consciousness.

A scene of the past played as I sheath my sword.


"Why do you call her Elia?" The Lady of Cyprus asked perching on top of her throne in the form of a dove.

The face of a stubborn child distinctly animated in my subconscious. With a few seconds of thought, I replied, "Etherally bright."

"Huh?" the bird's eyes enlarged.

With an alien twitch in my lips, I closed my eyes, "Elia Airlea, her name means ethereally bright but sadly not of the context of intelligence." The fluttering of wings sounded as Aphrodite fell from grace, laughing a rhyme of joy.


"Where are we and why do I feel weird?" she inquired innocently.

"Our souls were transported but I do not know where we are."

She nodded, finding something more interesting than her soul bein

wed his distress as he jogged to her side, pulling down the covers revealing a girl clinging to her pillow. She looked younger, around ten, her hair longer reaching to her waist.

Like death, he tenderly touched the area between her puckered brows, fluttering a set of vigilant eyes open. "Its okay, I am here." he rocked the crying girl in his hands, his wings shielding them away from the world.

"It's not okay, Izumi I kill people." she tried to explain.

"No, you don't." he held on as she tried to break free.

Seeing that she wasn't giving up, he let her withdrew from his hands. "In my mind I do, and you don't understand but I love it and..and it's bad." She cried, pulling the covers over her head. He lightly tugged at it but shot up in alarm, finally sensing my presence.

"Lord?" he questioned dismayed, his wings molding back into his skin.

"Leave, " I commanded coming into the light. An ebony head popped out, looking back and forth in cluelessness, but something changed as Thanos disappeared. Metal clanged as she dragged a sword twice her size.

With all the strength in her limbs, she lunged forward swinging the blade with ease. She gritted her teeth as she failed every time, I drew out my sword matching hers. As out sword grazed each other, my grip loosened as the soul I saw through those eyes were achingly familiar.

We interchanged fates as she experienced my past as I felt hers, while coexisting in the other. These weren't just memories of the past, but her burden, her curse.

"Elia." Her face chubbier, but the same showed not a glimmer of recognition. The background bleared again, and I knew of the cruel never-ending circle the tree of memories wanted to play and there was only one way to put an end to it. I let the sword slip through my fingers leaving a trail of blood. As the blade reached its mark without fail, I wished she wasn't fully aware.

The sword curved, in my existence, I never felt pain like as when a jade-like tear traced the planes of her face, so wrong with the cruelness it carried.

I found my eyes closing shut like sleep, slowly and then all at once. In this brief respite of time, a thought stagnated. It wasn't my domain or people who gave a reason for my existence but the

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