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   Chapter 52 Sibling Bonds

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I woke with my lost backpack pillowing my head. Sitting up, I pulled the hair covering my face over my ear looking around as I did.

Something scratched the rough ground from behind making me look back the God leaning back against a tree as his sword created a cleft in the soil. "Hades...Thank you." and that was it, I didn't know what to say further.

He slightly nodded the only evidence for him taking notice of me while he stared on ahead. There was something wrong, I could tell. It seemed he was avoiding me even though he had made an effort to make his presence known when I had started to panic, but there was also a possibility that he was sharpening his sword.

I laid back down, holding up my hand dressed professionally using the kit I had brought. The bandages made a straight line over my impaled fingers then dipping down to the crevices of my thumb. In curiosity, I lifted up my leg forming an awkward yoga pose. Repositioning my body, I sneaked a peek at him smiling at how well he attended to it.

"Cease moving, or they are going to come off, " he stated blankly without a trace of emotion. It hurt how he detached he sounded like I was a passerby, which might be what I was to him without Grace.

"I am sorry that you had come here to save me, " I said and felt dejected when he didn't respond. He didn't spare me a glance when I asked sitting up. "Are you mad at me?" As the question dragged on unanswered, I felt more disheartened. "Is it because I left?"

"Without a word." he finally snapped making me blench back. "If I had known this was what you were hiding, I wouldn't have let you leave the Underworld."

I was startled, very. "Demeter...." There was no use in pushing the blame on her, it was me who fell into her trap, and it was me who chose to come.

"I am sorry." my head dropped. "I didn't mean to make you worried." he went back to being unreactive a grim look casting over his enchanting eyes.

And mine glassed over I tugged at his cloak "Talk to me." He didn't respond again, and in a rush of emotions, I tried to stand up, wanting to run, but couldn't.

I failed every time in my attempts to hop, my leg no longer bearing the strength and neither could I crawl without both of my hands. Finding no other way to do so I stood on one leg, leaning against the tree for support bitting my lips to prevent the inevitable scream, and I drew out my injured leg to take a step.

The resulting events happened so quickly that the next instant I found myself nestled in his hands. "Where do you want to go?" It was a challenge, baring the full intensity of his anger.

And like every other similar times, I said something I didn't mean, "Away from you."

His grip tightened. "Isn't that what you already did?" I was at a loss for words. His jaws clenched and his eyes showed a dangerous mix of rage and pain as they reflected back in mine.

We stayed silent for a while before he sig

rtals but adequate."

I don't want to meet them ever again. "Thank you for saving me again." This must have snapped something in him for he said harshly, "You are my responsibility after all."

I barely nodded keeping my head down preventing him from seeing the tears forming shape. It was the truth, and I knew of it, but that didn't prevent it from causing damage.

The hand tending to my wound made it way up pulling me closer. "Fool, " His finger tilted my head up his free hand lifting me up onto his thighs, my eyes displayed confusion. "You are not my responsibility but my choice, " he said sternly, his powerful gaze boring deep, etching his words forever in my mind.

He squished my cheeks making me look like a fish. "Get me." My eyes widened, but I managed to nod.

His hands reached down to my waist lifting me up again and set me in between his legs. He pulled back my ankle into his hands, going back to undoing the bandage fortunately not noticing turmoil caused by such simple words. Was it too selfish for me believe that he meant it because my heart is telling me I should.

Ierótouthiríou, what a weird name for a fantasy land.

I watched keenly as he replaced the dressing with a new one, "Is your soul stored here?" his paused for a second before continuing. "Yes, " he replied like it meant nothing.

"Hades when you entered......."

"How is it?" he motioned at his work, a flicker of an expectant light in his eyes. I pretended to examine it, tilting my head to look at it from different angles. "It's so-so."

"You are capable of becoming my assistant, " I said with enthusiasm. He frowned, displeased in a way and without a word took my hand to redress. It seems he still hadn't forgiven me and so I didn't push him for answers except for the one he was avoiding. "What happened when you came here?"

He lifted up his head, his expression turning indecipherable, "I lost my immortality." he answered casually.

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