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   Chapter 51 The Title Will Spoil The Fun

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 9247

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"Help." Tears dripped down her chin, mixing finally with her lover's blood.

Absentmindedly I took a step forward, my mind consumed by the need to help her before I shook myself off the thought.

"What happened?" I asked, a bit suspicious. Being dressed in such an extravagant attire, she looked like a sophisticated queen, and her assumed lover dressed for battle had his face covered entirely with blood, keeping his features hidden beneath it.

"The beasts attacked us...and in the struggle to save me, my husband was badly wounded." she sobbed, her face so grief-stricken that anyone would instantly dote on her.

Then it happened again, the desire to put an end to her misery once again clouding up my mind, it was only a foot away from the water that I broke from the trance which carried my legs forward. "How are you hovering over the water?" I asked a dazed look casing my face. It was the last of my self-restraint that kept me from taking the next step.

" I am a water nymph and so is my husband." She replied with a hint of irritation, her hands no longer caressing her husband's hair who now resembled a discarded toy.

"How did you end up here?" this was maybe the question which kept me on the tips of my feet making me wary of her.

She stayed silent, tears no longer staining her cheeks. "It's been centuries since a mortal resisted the urge." she hissed, her silver hair transforming into long blue feathers. Eyes turning icy pale she lunged forward, and in one swift movement grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the transparent waters. The second I was fully submerged, the grip around my wrists loosened letting me swim to the surface in a panic.

I breathed in a lungful of air before being pulled down again. A sharp object pierced into the skin of my ankle effortlessly prevented me from swimming. With my hands moving in vain on my sides, I opened my eyes and my blurry vision searched for the woman that attacked me.

The thing latching onto me turned out to be the teeths of a wolf-like animal, it's head attached to a long tentacle which extended to a creature having a humanoid upper half. Her body covered in blue scales and talons the size of a ruler she glowered at me with a smile revealing her sharp teeth.

Her lower half send chills far chiller than the cold waters. From the waist down, numerous tentacles replaced her limbs which ended with the heads of wolves growling restlessly.

"You should be honored to be devoured by a Drakon." her voice passed clearly through the liquid.

She gave me no time to question her words mentally for a tentacle shot forward, aiming for my neck and on reflex, I put out my hand as a shield.

I bit back a scream of pain as fangs fully enclosed my left hand. I almost blacked

, smiling despite the past events.

Ever had the moment when you are so incredibly happy that you unable to speak or end up spouting nonsense. I just had mine.

His expression never softened as he closed the distance between us in long strides dropping his sword soundlessly onto the grass. With a thud, he dropped down to his knees and for a moment stayed the same looking back at me. A hand reached out to enclose my waist and delicately wrapped me in a warm cocoon of his chest and arms.

The next thing I did was something I was holding back for a long time. I bawled like a baby, smiling at the same time from joy.

"It surprises me that you are smiling." the voice I so miserably missed, whispered into my ear.

The pain almost felt bearable at the moment for it was the only thing I held as proof to know that he was real and that this wasn't a trick played by my mind.

"It's not every day that you have the King of the Underworld knee down before you, " I managed to make out between the sobs, flinching noticeably when my injured arm brushed against his.

"Rest, you have lost to much blood, I will tend to your wounds." He commanded in a tone which stated that I couldn't say otherwise.

But how did he get here?

"Rest, " he cut me off before I could even part my lips.

I stuck my tongue at him but leaned forward to lay my head on his shoulders. Wait this is the guy I confessed to.

My head shot up only to be tenderly laid back down. "Elia." He warned dragging out the last syllabus. I frowned against his collarbone, soon finding sleep not too hard to find.

Teaser to the most anticipated POV (I think)

A fool.

énas afelís anóitos. Sitting amid the coils of vaporous mist in a hellish mix of blood and grime and she still attempts to smile.

"It surprises me that you are smiling."

Guess who?

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