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   Chapter 50 Darkness

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A silly smile crept slowly onto my lips, soon parting to let out a loud scream as I went tumbling down over the log which I had attempted to jump over.

Shaking my head off of the dust and leafs accumulated, I got up, this time taking care of where I was stepping. I guess one does not become Superman after falling in love.

Taking my sweet time reaching home, I was ignorant of a small important fact.

Just as I was about to insert the key in, the door bulged outwards, making me jump back in shock. Realization hit, I hastily turned the key, swinging the door wide open before the next impact. The events that followed started off with John running straight out of the now open door, and I watched from the sidelines, anticipating his cringe-worthy fall after the probable mishap on the stair and finally ending with his face resting on the ground.

But the last bit took on a different twist, just midway from his flight down John seemed to have paused, in midair with his hands and legs off the ground with a stagnant expression of surprise and displeasure. I blinked not believing my eyes, to clarify I ran my hands in front of his motionless face.

"You have been gone for a long time." A melodious voice commented.

"There was something I had to do, " I replied to Demeter who already made her way towards the door, disappearing through it with the sound of fingers clicking.

I jumped again when John landed on the ground, luckily on his feet and two screams of distress followed as Margret and Theresa ran out through the door towards a dazed John. All the while, I stood there, my mind trying it's hardest to come up with an excuse or an explanation which did not include a Greek Goddess who just walked into my home.

As they checked on John, Margret finally noticed me and before things got any more complicated, I spoke up. "I woke up early, and this sudden idea of going on a jog came to my mind, but you guys were sleeping so I didn't want to disturb you guys and left without telling you, locking the door from the outside absentmindedly." I jingled the keys in my hand.

Margret narrowed her eyes while Theresa stated holding up John who was still shocked. "You got all worried."


Unfortunately, it didn't end there I was advised, of the dangers of going out by myself without notifying anyone. The hilarious part of our conversation was that everyone concluded that John had some superpower for falling a second and the next landing on his feet like an action hero.

When it ended, I ran up to my room to the waiting Goddess. "Get ready, " she said.

I blinked. "Now? I didn't pack there's still...."

" Apollo is suspicious about you meeting with the Oracle. It's only a matter of time for it to reach my brothers." she cut me off, irritation showing on her face.

Wasn't she the one who told me to meet her. "Can I back in a week's time?"

She nodded hastily, her calm and composed demeanor breaking. Dismissing it based on what Oriana told me, I packed the things needed. Half of the backpack occupied by herbs, the last item I put in was the bowl Demeter gave me the day before which according to her provided unlimited about of food. I was very thankful for it.

"Have you finished?" she asked impatiently, and before I could answer, she fell to the floor with a small cry.

I ran over kneeling down beside her, "Are you okay?" I inquired, trying to pull her up to her feet by her elbow.

"Yes!" she yelled, making me fall back, this seemed to sober her up. "I apologize, I don't know what came over me." With these words, she got up and ghosted over to the other end of the room and rotated her hand, channeling her powers. A crack formed in the wall enlarging in size to form a portal. It rippled and flickered, the hair on my hands standing on it's ends with the static energy in the air.

In a more collected tone, she said, "Pass through this."

An uncomfortable feeling settled in my stomach as I walked over to it, swinging the backpack over my shoulder. A step away fro

uman screams of despair, and just as they died down the light would do too.

It reminded me of an article I read on aquatic life, that some aquatic species lure out their prey by emitting light from their bodies.

Sometimes the forest life would quiet down before brimming back to life in a mixture of a chorus. My head dropped, my eyes feeling heavy and it seems I dozed off unintentionally for when I woke up there was light again.

I yawned, coming out of my hiding place. As I stood up, I stared intently at the vegetation, all having the same mirroring image, everything looks the same. Tightening the grip on the straps of my backpack, I stared far into the endless undergrowth. I don't know where this journey will take me.


" Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, Because I am happy...." I sang softly to myself as I ran away from an angry looking crommyonian sow, a mythological creature which according to the books was killed by a demigod whose name I forget. It sounded close to treasures, was it theamsus or theatres?

"OhO ." It charged over with the intent to kill. I quickly ducked under the fallen bark making it miss me by an inch. Before it could get a chance at it again, I jumped over the bark speeding away in a random direction. I made sure to thread my path through the trees to shake it off my track. And how the hell is it able to pass through the trees with his humongous boar like form.

Coming back to the previous topic, was it thesaurus?

The boar like being finally stooped chasing me around and took to feeding on the berries nearby. During the past three days in this land, this has happened quite a lot, most creatures chased me around, giving up minutes later as if they were toying with me.

There was quite a number of things I learned about the place. Dawn, and dusk, the boundary between day and night did not exist nor wifi. The bowl Demeter had gifted me turned out true to her words, but only serving food once a day which was better than nothing. I walked endlessly all day, but the forest never showed signs of ceasing.

I stopped in my tracks as soft sobs echoed through the woods. Walking cautiously over, the trees broke to reveal a river and amidst the mirror like water sat a lady with her long silvery hair unbound, forming a lotus shape spiral on the surface of the water. Light sobs vibrated through her chest as her pink fingers brushed the hair of the man who laid on her lap, his face covered in blood, it swept into the crystal water dyeing it red.

Sensing my presence, her turquoise set of eyes turned to me.


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