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   Chapter 49 Timeless

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 7906

Updated: 2018-09-20 09:34

This is going to be a confusing chapter, but I hope it will be cleared by the next chapters.

Demeter visited again, explaining the details of the trip and of the things I need to bring along. She informed me that the trip would take at most a week and that she would take care of my absence on earth.

I stared at the calendar in my hand, concentrating on the unmarked dates. Nine more days until the end of my one month stay, leaving me a week to complete my task.

It seems that I am out of time.

The afternoon passed in a rush, as I buried myself in making medicines. When finally done, it was already dark. An hour past three, I snuck out through the front door locking in from the outside which I realized was a stupid decision, half-way from my goal.

The moonlight reflected on the water surface giving it a mystic touch.

Giving myself a pep talk to remain cool, I dived in, holding my breath as I let the water pull me down to its depths. An odd feeling of this being my last visit settled in.

As I regained my balance, I stood up and walked towards the entrance, the scene before me never failing to take my breath away. Overcome by a childish thought, I skipped my way to the palace entrance, enjoying the sensation of the grass brushing against my ankle, imagining a basket filled with flower petals in my hand, I threw them around, swirling on my feet, In my mind, I was a graceful dancer spreading color around, like an elegant ballerina. But it seems I was the only one who thought of it that way, considering the soft chuckle heard from behind me.

I swirled around, and for the first time disappointed that it wasn't Will who saw me in such an embarrassing state. His eyes held amusement, the type that would make you want to cover your face with a plastic bag. One for the fact that it was embarrassing and second for the fact that my face was crimson red.

Just when I thought of going on ahead without him, an idea came to my mind. Walking towards him, I wiggled my fingers in front of his face, looking deep into his eyes, "You will forget what you just saw, " I said, pronouncing each word slowly.

"No, " he shook his head pityingly.

Seems that I don't have such an ability, but it was worth a try.

Defeated, I followed him, but I never got a chance to check his condition. Excusing myself, I went over to talk to Olivia

His breath beat against my cheeks, where a red glow began to grow.

My hands which formerly held his were captured in his own, keeping me in place. I kept my eyes closed knowing if I were to face the ones in front, I would lose my will. "I don't know.. Maybe there was dirt in the water?" it came out as a question.

Without warning, he leaned in further, resting his forehead on my mine, a pained sigh leaving his lips. "Can't you tell me?"

It broke my heart then and there. "No....I will tell you about it later." I opened my eyes, holding onto the last strand of self-control. Taking advantage of his confused self, I slipped through his hold, moving swiftly off the chariot.

Walking a safe distance, I looked back, finding his eyes strained on mine with the same unreadable expression he had on when I first met him. The rising sun dulled behind his ever enchanting eyes as they bore holes in my soul. They held questions, questions that I could not answer.

Like a misplaced King he stood there, with an imaginary line separating our different worlds, yet so intertwined. I knew it was of no use, I knew I was stupid, I knew I would mess up everything, and that he was going to fade away like an unrealistic dream, but I still did it.

"Lord Hades, " I called, my gaze unfaltering, raw decisiveness behind them.

"I Love You."

Not giving him a chance to break my heart, I turned and ran in the opposite direction like a coward. I ran through the tall standing trees, feeling light on my feet for the feelings which weighed down my heart, finally lifted.

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