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   Chapter 48 Prophecy

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Another continent, now this is news. The stone in my hand grew warm as if to remind me that it was responsible. I glared at the nonliving object in my palm.

"That's a beautiful stone you have there, " her face bounced into view, a friendly smile on her childish face.

"It sure is." my tone dripped with sarcasm, but she didn't seem to notice, I pondered whether I should use it to get back home but it would scare the girl beside me, so I decided to wait. "I am Elizabeth, " I held out my hand after tucking the stone in my pocket.

"I am Oriana Bane. Who is your godly parent?" she asked trying to figure me out.

I was confused by her question, "Godly parent?" My cluelessness made her confused.

"You are not a demigod, then how can you see this place?" she wondered almost to herself.

A lightbulb went on in my mind I get it now, she must be a demigod, and this place must be invisible to others. Wish explains why no one is around and if I am lucky she might be able to help me find the Oracle. "Yes I am not a demigod, but I am a descendant of one." her brows creased together. "Well, how can I put it...Well let's consider x as the number of unknown years, then my x times great grandfather is Apollo."

"Shiny?" she asks, a look of amusement flashing through her deep brown eyes.

"Yep, he is shiny, the son of sparkles." Just as the words left my mouth, she tilted her head, looking up at the clear blue sky as if we were about to get struck by lightning. After a few seconds of observation, she sighed in relief explaining, "That's the first time I have seen Lord Zeus not react, but that name suits him like two puzzle pieces."

I laughed heartily watching her smile in contentment, and it seems she wasn't a big fan of sparkles. When the laughter died down, I continued from where I left off. "So Apollo wanted to protect my family line who were in danger due to a past incident and do so, he let his powers pass down through the generation, and thus I can see things which other people can't, but I am not a demigod."

"Cool. What brings you here assuming that you are not from here?" She asked, her brown eyes bright.

"It's a long story." I tried to avoid the question remembering Demeter asking me not to tell anyone about it.

But she didn't back down, "It's okay, I have a lot of time on my hands. Let's talk over ice cream shall we?" she offered, displaying an eager smile.

Hearing her offer, I was conflicted, very conflicted and it is surprising how I still ended up following her to the ice cream shop, soon devouring a bourbon shake.

Swallowing a spoonful of chocolate ice-cream, she asked "Is that a unicorn vomiting a rainbow?" she pointed at the side of a top which had plenty of unicorns over them.

Pulling over the part of the top, I was surprised when her observation turned out right. "Yep, it's a pink unicorn spitting seven colors."

She laughed chucks of ice-cream sticking to her front teeth in the process making me wonder how she wasn't choking. With just a few min

y sat on it tapping nervously on my laptop.

"Why have you come here?" she spoke again in the same spine-chilling tone. No wonder why she doesn't have many customers.

Thinking a little about my answer, I said, "I have come to seek the future lady Oracle." If it weren't for the veil, I could have sore that she smiled.

"What is it that you are searching for?" she changed the question sending tingling in my neck as if she was standing behind my back whispering in my ears.

"I am searching for something lost a long time ago, " I said after taking in a breath to calm down.

Her fingers tapped the stone chair. "That my child is a vague answer, " she pointed out. I didn't reply but met her lunar eyes, straight on. A sigh escaped her hidden lips, "Do you wish to take this path?" She asked again, a warning hidden within them.

I nodded, "Yes."

"If your heart is set then listen and etch these lines into your soul." After saying so, she uncovered her face revealing ghostly white skin, unseen by the sun, with hair darker than the night cascading around it. Her red set of lips moved to form words of an ancient language, but it entered my ears in the words I knew.

A jealous heart in the hide, Only blood ties can decide.

And the beloved of merciless time, Shall take away a soul by crime.

For a lock forged for all of hell, Broken with the piece no one can sell.

Just as the last line rang out, the room blurred along with those lunar eyes and they faded before my eyes, replaced by trees in the park where I met Oriana. When I apprehended what happened, I looked around to make sure no one was around and took out the green stone from my pocket and flicked it in my hand again, muttering, "home, "

A green light flashed out from it taking me with it as it withdrew. Landing safely on my bed, I laid back remembering the line of the prophecy.

The first part seemed to be about me, the second of my death and the third is pure what the hell?

Looks like I am going on an adventure.

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