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   Chapter 47 Where Am I

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Nothing was out of place in my room, but the creepiest thing that all the message and calls from the past three days were all attended, even John who always had an additional sense acted normal like nothing was out of ordinary.

Those guys are pure geniuses!

As the sun started to descend my thoughts came to set upon my bed, I am slowly starting to get used to sleeping whenever I wanted.

I settled in switching off all the lights leaving me with my thoughts. An hour passed my phone displaying the time 11:53, but I couldn't sleep just like I feared, I was getting too used to it. Hugging the pillow close, I reminded myself that I could take it up as a habit.

But life seemed to have other plans for me. A portion of my bed dipped making me freeze with my face still buried in the pillow. I felt a strand of my hair being softly picked up and played with, but I stayed still.

"Sleep." a voice rang through the darkness easing out my tensed shoulder.

I turned onto my back and smiled in the direction the voice seemed to have came from. In the darkness of the night a flicker of light seemed to have appeared. Obliging to his word, I closed my eyes, a different kind of tranquil- darkness falling over me. Though these kind gestures weren't for me, I pretended they were. I guess I am selfish...for him.

The time I reopened my eyes, it was already half past nine in the morning. A portion of my bed was unusually neat while the part I had woken up on was like usual, messy. Feeling blissful, I hopped towards bathroom with imagined butterflies and bees over my head. It soon came to an unpleasant stop when my toe stubbed against the half-open door. The hops soon turned into limbs as I proceeded.

When I got back out, through the curtains of my hair which I had given upon, my eyes landed on a deity-like figure standing gracefully near the open window, her face, was nothing like anything I have seen. My imagination has never made new people so clearly before, so I knew I wasn't dreaming. Her golden hair ran down to her waist ending in small waves and deep green eyes made me wonder where I had witnessed them before.

"Don't be frightened, Elizabeth, I am Demeter the Goddess of harvest and agriculture. I have come here to discuss a few things about my brother Hades." Her enchanting voice rang out.

"Can I have my coffee first?" I couldn't help but ask.

She dragged her slender finger over her chin. "I guess so."

As I closed the door, I turned back to whisper. "I will bring your coffee here, so don't come down okay. "

She nodded and skipped down the steps, two steps at a time.

Ignoring the Goddess in my bedroom for the moment, I sipped down Margret's blissful coffee. She is a pure genius, I tell you.

Not wanting to keep her waiting any longer, I skipped back up, balancing her coffee in one hand.Opening the door with one leg, I found her sitting on the bean bag looking very appropriate and crisp with one leg over the other. With one look, I could tell that I could never pull that off.

Handing the coffee mug to her, I sat on the bed. "What do you want to talk about Hades?"

She frowned with a look of disapproval but soon masked it. "You two must be close for you to call Hades by his name with h

khrēsmē in Greek.Oracles were thought to be portals through which the gods spoke directly to people.The most important oracles of Greek age were Pythia, the priestess of Apollo at Delphi, and the oracle of Dione and Zeus at Dodona in Epirus.

So they can predict the future, but aren't Gods so are they still alive at this age and time. Wondering what Demeter meant by meeting her, I juggled the stone in the air.

"The Oracle, huh" this time when I caught it, a green light was emitted, as it withdrew back in, it took me along with it.

When I opened my eyes, I was still in the same position, the stone held in one hand. The only change was the place, I was no longer sitting in my comfy bed but on solid ground. Looking around, I saw people jogging past chatting with each other, some walking their dogs in what seems to be a park.

At first, no one seemed to see a girl sitting cross-legged on the ground with a laptop, a case of bed-hair and wearing pajamas. But my happiness was short-lived, soon people started to notice me, some outright staring. All I could do was smile and make a run for it.

Why am I here? I thought running to a less crowded area. I slowed down when I reached a quiet location. But soon realized it was a little too silent. There was no soul in sight, and I didn't run that far to exit the park.

When I turned around, something creepier happened; the way through which I came in was altogether different. Where did that many people go?

"Are you lost?" someone asked.

Whirling around to my right, my gaze landed on a figure not too far away.

Walking closer, I got a better view of the person standing in front of me, her caramel hair danced around in the wind creating a curtain of flame behind her, and her red orbs seemed to be set ablaze under the bright light of the sun. With just a look, her beauty could capture you in a trance, and her childlike face make you smile.

"Yes, can you tell me where am I?"

"St. James Park, in the city of Westminster, " her answer left me frozen for a full five second.

St. James Park, Westminster. That's in central London! Wow, it looks like I am on a different continent.

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