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   Chapter 46 Feelings 2

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"Take me back to my home, " I repeated when he didn't respond. Those amber eyes narrowed.

"No, " he said sternly straightening up.

"I want to go home." I tried again, but it fell on a deaf man's ears.

What's so wrong with wanting to go back home? I have stayed here long enough, and my health has improved.

"Why were you crying?" His tone took on a concerned note, totally ignoring my latter statement.

"It's none of your concern, and I want to go home." I tried to sound as demanding as he did, but it only came out as a soft whisper.

"Did Apollo do anything to make you cautious?" His voice had a dark undertone to it, making the hair on my neck, stand on its tips.

Why is that he keep asking different questions while I repeat the same words in a different format?

"Please...Please, I want to go back home." I desperately pleaded, lowering my damp lashes. The more I looked at him, the more I watched him watch me with unhidden concern, the more suffocating it got.

Something seemed finally come across as his hands wrapped around my wrist. "If that's what you wish."

I smiled upon hearing him say, but his eyes flickered with an indescribable expression, but I chose to ignore it.

A dark ring appeared over us, hovering above us for a second before it fell, teleporting us through space.

My eyes flickered open when my legs struck solid-ground. "This is not my home." I whirled around taking in the familiar architecture of his majestic palace.

"Hades this is not where I want to be." A part of me rebuked myself for my half-hearted statement.

It was as if my protests were inaudible, as he calmly strode across the granite floor. As I moved to follow him, a wall built it way up, closing off my path.

Without a miss in his beat, I watched him walk away. I sighed knowing that there was no use in screaming. Why is he being no stubborn about to the point of imprisoning me in a huge hall?

"Ha? When did I get into this room ?" Taking a quick scan, I concluded that I had never been here before. If I had, I would have never forgotten the soft looking pillow and the comfy bed sheet. The detective in me took over as I explored the room, searching for invisible, disappearing doors. And as their features suggest, they were hard to find.

Giving up, I went over to the long curtained window which I hadn't checked because I knew it wouldn't be that easy. And just I thought, it wasn't in the least.

"Gosh, " this is so high that I feel like flying.

It was a pity that my hair was short and prince charming seemed to have taken the wrong train to limbo all my life.

"Hey, " someone tapped my shoulder making me close to breaking my vocal cord screaming.

"Shhh...It's me." Will covered his ears, peaking through a single eye.

"Oh my God, you scared me. I thought you were the evil witch who came to cut my hair." His mouth hung slightly agape, probably making out zero sense from my previous proclamation.

Feeling pity for the uneducated youth, I let the topic be.

"And just so you know, I am mad at you for leaving me behind." He started acting like an abandoned puppy with an evil mastermind brain. "As soon as I deal with the guards, I come back to find the room empty."

Raising on my toes, I patted his head. "Sorry." Thinking about it, I guess I let my emotions overwhelm me, allowing it access the steering wheel of my life. I hadn't once thought about Will, and neither had I given Hades a proper explanation, only wanting to think about myself. "I was selfish, " I muttered.

It was his turn to pat my head. "It's okay." He sat on the windowsill looking anything but scared. This guy is crazy there's not even a rail to prevent him from falling.

"So, what's all this?" he looked around the room, looking amused.

"Go ask your Lord Hades." I stuck my tongue at him as he enjoyed my misery.

"What did you do for him to do so? Threatened him to run away?" he proposed making it sound like a sensible reason. And I thought I came up with the ridiculous suggestions now i

thought, Will suddenly stood up. With a swift movement, he ruffled my hair, " Gotta go." he disappeared with a flash of azure.

As I tried to figure out the reason for his sudden departure, a door formed in the direction Will looked at while leaving. Hades's tall frame moved in through the opened door. My hands were hovering in midway to bring down my messed up hair. The object he held perked up my interest, as he got closer it came into a better view. Pudding?

My mouth instantly watered and was about to run towards it, but I remembered that he was the one who put me here.

My eyes narrowed at my finding, getting up from the chair I walked over to the bed, completely ignoring his presence.

"Where did you go?" I tested the waters.

"I had something to take care of, " he answered instantly. Why do I get the feeling he overheard everything Will told me. Probably because he did

He placed the plate on the bed and moved a step back. What is this? A peace offering? Am I a demon.

Though I said all that in my mind I acted hypocritically, and pulled the plate towards me carefully. "Eat. You haven't had anything since morning, ". Hades ordered.

Thinking about it, I hadn't thought about food the whole day.

"Thank you." I looked up at him, seems like I forgave him already or maybe I was never angry at him only just at me.

He looked like he wanted to sigh as he sat down on the bed. I unwrapped the plastic cover and munched down a mouthful.

Halfway through, I realized Hades was staring at me. When I finished chewing, I extended my spoon. "say aah."

And just like I imagined his expression was worth a while. Before he could protest, I cut in. "Did you eat anything?" His brows drew together.

"I don..." I already knew he would deny the offer, so I inserted the spoon into his mouth as soon as his mouth formed an O. He couldn't spit it out and therefore was forced to swallow it down with a grouchy face.

And just like I imagined his expression was worth a while. Before he could protest, I cut in. "Did you eat anything?" His brows drew together.

That was the last time he opened his mouth till I finished eating.

"Do you still want to go?"

Ah? I blinked, I get it now he thought that I was upset because of Apollo and that was the reason I wanted to go home. I felt more resourceful than before. It's not his fault, it's mine, for not having my feeling straightened out till now.

"Yes, I want to, " I said with determination which I lacked before.

My smile withered when he flicked my forehead. "Hey." I rubbed my sore forehead.

"Just come back after." his body disappeared, leaving me looking at the pastel-colored wall of my room.

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