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   Chapter 45 Feelings

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"Hades, " I brushed away the strands which shadowed his eyes. There wasn't even a flicker of movement in his outwardly face.

"What did you do?" The anger which my words carried shocked me.

"Hold up, " he stepped back with raised arms. "Medicine is also my forte, and you can rest assured when I say that I didn't bring him any harm."

It was hard for me to believe his words considering his ever-changing behaviors like the sun throughout the day.

"Why isn't he waking up if you cured him?" I asked still on guard.

Frowning, he sat on the bed "His condition isn't as easy as it seems, and with the current strain he is taking." He gave me a sideways glance, "It's hard for him to recover quickly, but given time he will."

"Though I am the best the field, you can't blame me because I am no curse expert, " he added nonchalantly, turning my mind mushy.

"What do you mean by a curse?"

"I can't tell you, because I never tried to risk my head by trying to find out."

"So you don't know." I raised an eyebrow, a practice I picked up from Will.

He fiddled with the golden belt he wore which added bling to his spotless white robe"To put it simply, yes."

I sighed, feeling a slow headache brewing. Hades had only once ever spoken about his ailment, and I knew from then on that it wasn't something everyone knew of and it by itself was an undiscovered secret. Now a curse to top it all off was making me feel bitterly helpless.

"Can you cure him?"

"Wholly?" I nodded which was attended by him shaking his head. "I am afraid that I cannot."

"Plus, your beloved isn't a sunny boy."

I was a fool to think that he wouldn't repeat his actions by taking a direct jab where it hurts. "If you hate him so much then why cure him?" The moment my tongue rolled out the line, I regretted it. What if he undoes what he did. I shouldn't have acted so impulsively.

But he surprised me by answering, "I am quite famous for my medication being the God of medicine and all, so it would ruin my reputation if the other Gods were to misunderstood my unwillingness to treat him with not being able to treat him at all."

Though his eyes remained unwavering as he said it, it felt like it was only a small portion of the truth. His changing moods made it hard for me to determine whether the rest of it placed me in a disadvantageous or advantageous position.

I mustered a smile. "I see."

He took a moment to access my reaction before saying. "I should get going before he wakes up or I would have to face his wrath for bullying the Underworld's kardiá."

Okay, car....what? Doctor perhaps. He seemed to have a satisfactory smile at my clueless expression and turned around to leave the roo

w that you had to be brought here and also knew the dangers of doing so and being a human makes you an easy target..... He didn't want you to be alone and left unprotected."

My vision glazed over, but I held the tears back. "Fool, " was my reply.

Will reached out his hand but stopped midway, becoming alert. "There's someone at the door. Stay here. I will send them away."

I nodded.

Will got up urgently and with a wave of his hand, a blue barrier formed around the room which disappeared the next second. I watched as he walked out of the door closing it behind him.

My gaze settled on Hades, the anger I felt slowly retreated. Why would he go that far? Why care so much?

Suddenly an old question resurfaced, my mind no longer able to keep the possibility away.Did he felt guilty for what happened with Grace? Does he want to correct his mistake through me. Hades knew that I was her descendant long before I came to know about it. So every time he saved me, was for her. Did he really ever see me? I am not sure who the real fool is anymore?

I smiled, a strange feeling shredding me up from the inside. I was happy when knowing that he cared for me, but all I feel now is pain.

The bed suddenly dipped and before I could turn back to look, a warm fingertip, wiped a sole tear trailing my cheek. A magnificent pair of amber eyes came into my view blurring the background in its wake. It held questions, questions I still didn't find answers myself.

Is it her that you see when you look at me? Though I didn't give the question listeners, I finally realized that his tender touches were never meant for me.

"Take me back to my home, I don't want to stay here any longer." my words came out harsh, as harsh as what I felt.

Jealousy that what this is, so powerful that it hurt.

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