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   Chapter 44 I want him Dead

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 13761

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"I am going to kill you." I seethed, unable to repress my temper which flared from the moment when my hand came in contact with his skin.

He was not expecting me to grab his hand all of a sudden and therefore stood rooted in place.

Not letting go of his hand, I bellowed. "Is this why you didn't let me hold your hand?"

It was hard to decipher the flickers of emotion which flashed through his eyes. Did he think that he could hide it from me?

Seeing that he didn't plan to answer, I turned around to face a confused Will. "Help me carry Hades."

Will took a moment to process my words before taking a step forward and as soon as he did so, the hand enclosed in mine pulled back.

"You will do no such thing, William, " Hades commanded making Will instantly stop in his track.

Just as his hand fully slid away from mine, I latched onto it again, refusing to let go. "Will you are going to help me."

Will looked conflicted before a resolute expression settled on his face and decided to come forward.

"Stop, " Hades commanded, but didn't make a move to pull his hand away. He is barely holding on and still acts so unreasonably.

My nerves flared. How stubborn can this guy be? "Will, ask Hades to give up."

Will looked between Hades and me, who refused to look at one another even though we were standing centimeters apart. He repeated the notion for quite some time before sighing heavily.

He slumped down to the ground resting his chin in his hands. "childish." he muttered shaking his head.

The comeback died in my mouth as I felt Hades sway ever so slightly that I wouldn't have noticed if we weren't standing so close. On reflex, I wrapped my arms around him and braced myself for his weight. But it never came, all that followed was his deep voice.

"I am not going to fall."

"I am not going to let go, " I said stubbornly tightening my grip.

"You two are carved out the same stone." Will commented, and dared to look amused.

A silent glare from Hades was enough to quiet down Will, leaving him alarmed.

I glanced up at Hades, who returned an equally stubborn, unyielding gaze creating a tremor in my spine.

With one swift movement his hand pasted itself on my forehead, a mild force, applied behind it. As a reply, my grip tightened, and I bound my legs around one of his, lifting myself off the ground.

Hades kept his hand in the same position, but the pressure put behind his fingers weren't enough to hurt my neck, under its strain.

Will laughed blatantly in the background, taking in the scene which unfolded before him.

Indeed, it was quite a sight.

"These kids." Will muttered, loud enough for us to hear, as he walked over to us.

"I guess I have...."

His face went blank when he grabbed Hades's exposed arm. A few seconds later, realization donned on his face. "Lord you.."


A loud bang cut off Will, our heads turned in the direction of the source of the sound, in unison.

At the end of the corridor, a palace maid stood shocked, her hand halfway from her mouth. Fruits and wine jars rolled around the floor, tinting the floor red. Her eyes were glued on us, giving away her state of hysteria.

But as the seconds passed, I realized that her eyes were on Hades.

An unfamiliar feeling stirred in my heart, but I didn't get the time to pinpoint what it was.

The maid suddenly gasped, finally taking in the bigger picture. That is me, Will and of course Hades.

I understood why she had such a reaction.

To her, the situation probably looked like the God of the Underworld was fighting a vicious humanoid koala (me) who attached itself to his body while the General of the Underworld army was trying to help him rid of it, but it seems the koala is winning.

A scene as natural as Romeo and Juliet drama without tragedy.

Will took hold of my hand. "Let's go." An azure wind formed around engulphing us within.

I blinked as the wind died down, it was then that I knew that we were in Hades's room. My legs hit firmly on the ground but were forced to take a step back as the body in my arms swaggered forward.

seat he previously sat on, and he now towered over with his hands firmly on the armrest. The elegant white robe he wore fluttered in the wind blocking my view of Hades.

My heart thundered against my ribs in fear as he leaned in closer. His hand moved from the armrest and took hold of a stray away strand of hair and neatly tugged in over my ear.

At first, I thought that it was the initial shock but soon realized that my body had frozen over, unable to move a single finger.

"What is this?" I struggled, but the invisible ropes which tied my ankles and wrists didn't budge.

He simply smiles. Completely ignoring my queries, he straightened up and looked over his shoulder at Hades.

"What are you doing?" And just like before, he completely ignored me and kept walking towards the bed. He sat facing me and threw a sideways glance at Hades, my eyes bulged as his hand steadily inched towards Hades.

"Don't touch him." I hissed fighting against the binds. The closer his hand got the closer I felt like chocking.

"Please, please. Please!!" tears slid down my cheeks endlessly.

The hand came to a stop, hovering above Hades face. There was a sudden change in Apollo's expression.

The sound of my wheezing filled the room. I coughed continuously with the tears flowing.

"I think I took it too far." came a slightly guilty voice.

The binds came off, and I quickly covered my mouth, dulling the coughs.

"It's okay, I was only joking." he kneeled down in front of the chair looking up at my pathetic state.

I glared through the hazy vision. As soon as the coughs died down, I started hiccupping. My body was recovering, or it wouldn't have been this bad.

"Bully." I managed to mutter.

"Sorry.......Don't cry." His voice showed hints of concern. Without me noticing he grabbed both of my hands. My effort in pulling them away turned out to be ineffective. He rubbed his thumbs over my knuckle, a warm calming feeling, flew through his hands into mine. In a matter of seconds, I felt myself calming down, my ragged breaths evening out to its steady rate.

"Thank you, " I said, even though I wanted to punch the sunny daylights out of him.

He pinched my cheek. "You are so naive." his smile seemed to light up the whole room.

I spat his hand away, getting up. "Move." He readily did, and I threw myself onto the bed. Hades's complexion seemed paler than before, his face outlined with beads of sweat. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Apollo approach the bed.

"What are you do...."

He bend down to run his hand over Hades's legs. The skin where he touched started emitting a golden glow, which steadily grew like the veins of a creeper. Soon after a golden light cascaded his body.


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