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   Chapter 42 There are a lot of Huh in my Life.

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 9148

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Feeling the soft falling light my eyes blinked open. But I was deprived of the leisure of stretching.

Not this again! I struggled against the force keeping me restrained. Unlike last time, I could move my head around freely. Straining my neck, I looked down at myself.

"What???" To my utter shock, I realized that I was tied up in my blanket.

Its ends were tied in knots at the front, caging me in a cocoon.

Wiggling lightly, I noticed my arms were neatly folded against my chest, like a mummy, leading me to believe that someone tried to mummify me alive!!

"Ah." I struggled harder, my movements resembling a caterpillar.

Managing to turn on my side I faced a disbelieving sight. Just meters away, in a chair crowned by the light flowing endlessly from the window sat Hades turning the pages of an ancient looking book. He was wearing grey casuals, momentarily making me wonder how rare the moment was. Even in casual attire he still pulled off the "Yep, I am a God. Staring charges: your life" vibe.

What annoyed me the most was that he was reading a book!! While I tried to escape from the potential consequences of a most likely failed murder attempt.

"Hello, excuse me." I tried to catch his attention.

Noticing my wailing, he slowly set the book down on his lap and took his sweet time to turn his gaze towards me.

"How did I end up here?" I asked as he walked over to the bed. He stayed silent, a cryptic expression grazing his face.

My mouth hung open when he finally decided to answer.

"You roll around too much, and the temperature is relatively colder during the night in Olympus."

A dozen flies flew into my mouth before I could manage to find a conclusion for his words.

My eyes narrowed teasingly, with a cat-like smile settling over my lips. "Ohh, I see. The God of the Underworld was trying to tug me into bed, but I kept rolling out of the blanket, so you tied me up with it."

If it weren't for his years and years of experience, I am sure he would have blushed.

To keep the blanket over me, he bound me up with it. Simple as that.

I burst into laughter almost managing to roll myself off the bed, but it quickly died down when a lethal looking sword appeared in his hands. "Come on. I meant no disrespect."

But he didn't head my words, instead drew his sword out in a hostile stance.

"We can talk about it!!" I exclaimed as he swiftly brought it down.

I screamed.

My hands stumbled to the sides, as a neat cut separated the knots leaving the blanket to slip down my sides like the unfurled wings of an angel.

He rolled his eyes. "Overdramatic, " he mumbled.

I sat up, sticking my tongue out at him.

Enjoying my freedom, I stretched out listening to the s

heard that." Will called out as I followed him to a clearing. A dozen couches of the most elegant designs formed a spiral around a blazing bonfire. All in all resembling a holiday resort.

"You guys have the best meeting places, " I commented already seating myself in the comfortable couches.

"I know. And let me warn you beforehand, there are going to be a few more God's coming to meet you today."

"Why?" This is alarming news.

His face became serious almost concerned. "They are curious about you....... but don't worry they are all friends." he ruffled my hair.

Here." he handed me a lemonade, sitting beside me.

"Where did you get it from?" I took the drink from his hands.

"From the nymphs." He answered taking a sip. Then realizing that I did not what they were, he went on to explain. "They are female deities associated with nature. The one who gave me these was a dryad, a forest nymph. They are quite shy but are very friendly when you earn their trust."

"Similar to fairies?"

He nodded finishing his drink in one gulp and placed it on the armrest. "So did something happen last night?"

The liquid didn't reach past my throat because it was soon spat out. I coughed glaring at Will.

He brought up his hands in the air in surrender. "It's not my fault that you suddenly discided to display your strange talent in spitting fountains from your mouth."

I rolled my eyes, keeping count of the times he has annoyed me in order to have my grand payback later.

Examining the rest of the liquid remaining, I brought the glass up to my lips, but it slipped out of my hand as a pair of hands bound around my neck from the back pulling me up from the couch into a tight embrace.

A bronze head bopped up in my view with a smile more blinding than the sun. "My dear daughter!!"


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