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   Chapter 40 Ariel- The mermaid

Doctor of the Underworld By Eliabeacsp Characters: 10634

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Will's Pov.

I laid my head back on the couch, sighing deeply.

Zeus sat at the farthest end of the couch fiddling with the edge of his wine glass. But not even his bored exterior could hide his frown.

Thanatos had altogether disappeared after she left.

I still couldn't get Elie's expression out of my mind. She looked completely calm on the exterior while she took everything in, it was so unlike her that it was scary how her voice cracked contrastingly to her demeanor.

Personally, I would have preferred her throwing a statue at everyone than the pained expression with which she left.

Her question "Everyone knew?" kept replaying in my mind. It was the only thing keeping me from running after her because I had no freaking idea how I would face it.

Keeping it from her was supposed to keep her safe, but it seems to have accomplished the opposite.

I rubbed temples.

Hades stood with his back against us, facing the window. He hadn't moved from that position ever since he got here.

I knew they were fighting and it seems to have had an adverse effect, on Hades's mood.

I mean why else would the land of the light grow darker? I got tons of messages reporting a disturbance in the four gates of the Underworld.

(author's note: Land of Light - Olympus.)

When Elie disappeared right before our eyes, it was hard not to notice a trace of an expression on his marble face.

Ever since she came crashing down to the Underworld, everything has changed.

She even got Hades who was infamous for his impassiveness to lose his temper. That's some talent there.

Aphrodite was won over with her mischievous smile, Zeus visibly likes her and Poseidon who may not show it, is thankful to her for bringing his brother back to Olympus after all these years.

For me, it's getting harder every day to say goodbye.

Oh, I miss that ball of mischief.

"Could you guys stop sulking?" Zeus asked slicing through the silence.

"Talk for yourself." I countered.

My dad's annoying when he wants to be.

"She is not angry with me, " He declared.

But as surprising as it was, the King of the Gods sounded uncertain.

It was clear that he liked her, and favorably in a healthy way which was very rare coming from him.

My reply was interrupted by the captain of the west wing coming rushing into the room.

He bowed.

"My lord, Lord Hades, Sir William."

"Why do you look for flustered Captain Valid?" Zeus asked sipping his vine.

My dad is the only person who would call Captain Vald, Valid.

"It's Lady Elizabeth."

Hades ever so slightly turned his head, and Zeus's uninterested gaze grew keen.

But a smile was plastered on my face as I imagined her reaction if she heard him call her Lady Elizabeth. She would have laughed her heart out, which would be followed by her threatening to kill him if he ever calls her that again. And if she was in a good mood, she will ask him to join her for coffee.

"She's drunk."

Vald's next sentence caught me off guard, and so was Zeus who swiftly moved his drink away before he could choke.

Hades was the first one to react.

"What did you just say?" he subconsciously took a thr

d I don't know if she wants to talk to me either.

After bidding farewell to Aphrodite, I turned to leave.

"You are leaving?" a small voice asked making me stop in my tracks.

I gave her a small nod.

With a slight bit of restraint, Hades let her pass through his hands.

Taking two wobbly step, she crossed her hands trying to look intimidating. Her cheeks were flushed pick and the tip of the nose was of a rosy shade. The most intriguing thing was her eyes, how it flickered between a deep violet and black.

"I am angry at you, " she told me.

Even though I knew it beforehand, it still hurt.

"I am.."

My apology, was cut short when she wound her hands around me.

"But I love you, so I am not angry." She smiled childishly, resting her chin on my chest to look up.

My heart warmed up driving away the fears. Bending my neck, I rested my forehead against hers.

"Me too." Her smile widened.

"Now go." she shooed me off, letting me go.

But I didn't want to.

Seeing no response she took a step towards me, but her legs were misplaced which made her twirl around in one leg making her face the opposite direction from me.

Squeezing her eyes shut she pushed at the counter wall with all her strenght. It took me a minute to figure out that she thought that it was me.

I sniffled a laugh.

When she reopened her eyes her face grew puzzled as she looked at the wall.

Looking around she found me standing to her left this left her more puzzled. She kept glancing between the wall and me.

Finally deciding she which one of us was real she rolled up her sleeves ready for another round of pushing.

"Okay, okay. I am going." I reassured her.

"I will be back soon, okay. Don't kill anyone during the span." I tapped her nose.

She looked disappointed about my request. "Ok, I swear." she pouted.

I smiled warmly and then glanced at Hades sending a silent message.

He nodded.

"He will look after you." I ruffled her ebony hair making her wail in annoyment.

I teleported myself before she could find a way to get her revenge.

That mischievous little furball.

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