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   Chapter 40 Lessons for Zeus

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"Soo cute!" He exclaimed pinching my cheeks red. But no matter how I imagined my current expression to be, it was far from cute and too close to a shocked-sloth.

Soon, his teasing was drowned remembering what I said to Hades.


I sigh, clapping my hands to get ahold of his wandering mind.

"So let's practice."


"What?" I echoed his question.

"What?" he asked again totally confused.

"What?" I repeated.

He sighs realizing that it was going nowhere. "What are you talking about?"

I smile innocently at that."Did you think I was joking about you being my patient?"

"What!!" He screams and I nod till he is satisfied.

Doing my level best not laugh at the expense of his hopless face, I chirp. "So let's start."

And take hold of his shoulders to assure him. "It will be painless."

He audibly gulps and for a second I felt pity for those familiar eyes.

And come to think of it, its been some time since I got to annoy Will.

*insert robotic voice*

"Meanwhile in the underworld."

Will's pov.

Feeling a chill creep down my spine, I rubbed my neck and my hand reflexively rested on the hilt of my sword.

The face of a scheming teenager came to mind with her ever changing eyes and hair-raising smile.

The light of the underworld had gone out for one minute and three seconds before its King reappeared from he knows where pissed off and amused.

And a gut feeling told me she was the one behind it all.

Zeus help those around her.


Elizabeth's pov.

"Not physically of course." I called out running up the stairs and I think I heard a thud.

Five minutes later, I descended amazed that he hadn't fled.

"Why are you dressed like that?" He asked taking in my getup.

I looked down at the baggy sweater and my dad' long jacket paired with black bell-bottom pants. All black.

Grinning ear to ear, I pull up the hood. "You will find out in a minute." In all elegance a potato could muster, I sat down across him.

Under his cautious eyes, I place my chocolate brown teddy to my side and a cleaning mop on the other.

"Don't tell me. Are

r tricks but my fear of developing an expressionless face permanently won in the end.

And I ended up cold-heartedly kicking him off.

Silently I laid back onto the couch watching his detested self hide away his face in his snowy palms.

"Your hairs still wet." He did not look up but he somehow knew.

I pushed back the wetness sticking onto my face. "Am lazy." I deadpanned and he murmured something inaudible.

"Using a towel is hardwork and I forgot to bring along a hair dryer."

He raised his head with laughter dancing in those stormy orbs."You are far from the point Miss defenseless."

Defenseless? MejQuery21408903845553301335_1595627345325

I got up without breaking his gaze. "Watch me."

Taking a low bow, I executed the basics of karate, jujutsu, judo, taekwondo and awesome techniques by Elizabeth.

Finishing with a bow, I looked up excitedly for a compliment but got chided instead.

"Way too far from the point." He chuckled and as if on replaying the scenes, burst out laughing.

But as the laughter died his face fell and laid waste to my efforts.

"I was scared of the Underworld, you see, I did not want to be all alone in that dark world so far away from the sun." His fingers raked through his golden locks.

"My brother must really dislike me for leaving him in that wretched domain. "

I gave him a moment to settle before pulling him up to his feet. "Let's go somewhere gloomy face. "

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