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   Chapter 39 Thanatos

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"I am Thanatos, the God of death also the minister of Lord Hades." His ice blue eyes met mine squarely looking nothing like the ones I loved to stare into.

My mouth threatened to hang open, but pure willpower kept it closed.

"Awesome." was all I could manage to utter.

"Why.....?" I paused trying to calm down my trembling voice.

"Why leave without telling me a word?"

My question seemed to break something inside of him. He almost looked guilty.

"Rain, I was hurting you, " he mumbled sounding defeated.

His words took me by surprise. But the initial shock was subdued by the anger.

"What do you mean by you hurting me?" My voice sounded close to a hiss.

"Can't you feel yourself weakening?" His voice raised up a notch.

"What does my present condition have to do with you leaving five years ago?" I shot back.

"Rain, I am the God of death, " he repeated the words.

That doesn't explain a thing.


A small smile tugged at his lips. In the blurred background, I could hear Will sniffle a chuckle.

What's so funny?

I folded my hands and glared at Izumi.

He took in a deep breath.

"I collect souls and guide them to the Underworld, in other words, I bring death to mortals. It was by pure accident that I met you in that hospital that day. Your unique soul interested me, and out of pure curiosity I became acquainted with you."

" It had never been my intention to stay that long. I don't know if it was your clumsiness or your lack of sense about surroundings or your headstrong behavior, I found myself coming back to you. But I was too late to know of the consequence my presence had on you."

"Never in my long life, have I been close to a mortal like I have been with you which made me oblivious to the harm's way I put you through."

My mind swirled around his words. What does he mean why that?

"Being the bringer of death, my presence started to affect your soul." His voice only a whisper.

"I stayed ignorant of your condi

they would fall at her feet, but fear and respect mixed in the air.

"Please tell me that they are not looking like that at my mother."

"Nope, it's not your mother that they see in me, " she assured.

This got my curiosity perked up.

"Who do they see you as?"

"I take the image of the person who they consider the most beautiful to be."

I tilted my head, slightly confused.

"For example, you see your mothers image because you consider her the most beautiful person while others may see me as their wife, sister, lover or someone they only had a fleeting image off."

I nodded my head in understanding.

"But you don't look exactly like my mother. You are younger than her, and there are these minute differences."

Her face dulled a little at my words. But before I could apologize she cheerfully said. "I can look like the person you like, but I can never be her. The illusion is all that they see. That's the price I pay."

She smiled a smile which seemed to have been perfected over the years to hide her sadness in them.

I hugged her tight.

"Huh ha, I hoped to be able to console you, but it seems we switched places." she chuckled.

"I guess we have." I smiled back for the first time after a long time.

"So, let's have some fun." She declared.

Why not? I need a distraction anyway.

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